TwoThirtySixty: Paper Goods with A Filipino Soul

When in Manila, and a serious note taker/doodler/hipster* then you must know the importance (and the struggle) of finding the best notebook for your taste. Notebooks aren’t just empty stacks of paper you’ll write on–they’re an extension of yourself and a home for your ideas, notes, and inspirations. That’s what Kath Mitra, the founder of TWOTHIRTYSIXTY, had in mind when she makes her notebook designs. 


best notebooks-23060 ph-wheninmanila (5)

Everyday Notebooks from Hardin IV and Hardin II Collections: Calachuchi & Sampaguita


Two Thirty Sixty is a great example of a brand that knows how to make their products stand out. These aren’t the kind of notebooks you’ll see in regular bookstores. They’re the type of paper goods that you’d go after because they’re of top quality, right from the covers up to the thickness and smoothness of the pages inside. 


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Unlined notebooks go perfectly well with notetakers and doodlers who prefer a clean canvas.  


best notebooks-23060 ph-wheninmanila (7)

While lined notebooks go well with those who want to write line by line with a perfect guide. 


“The brand focuses on designs that celebrate its commitment to champion everything good about the Philippines.” Since the founder is a learned designer and architect, her process is very hands-on and straightforward. She translates her inspirations, our local delights and the scenic cityscapes of Manila, creatively on the covers of these notebooks making each design a treat to the eye and to the Filipino culture. 


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Everyday Notebooks from Ani IV, Ani I and Ani II  Collections


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To be honest, getting a hold of their notebooks is like holding works of art. The Ani collections in particular reminded me of a hot day in the farm where all fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for harvest–a very Pinoy scene that continues the story of the farmers in the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo. 


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