Two girls get hospitalized after doing 1,000 squats

Two teenage girls in China were rushed to the hospital after doing over 1,000 squats, according to a report from

Xiao Tang, 19, performed more than 1,000 squats to try and achieve her goal of being crowned champion despite admitting she was “not used to exercise”. While doing so, she challenged a friend to do the same workout in the form of competition via video chat. She and her friend refused to quit and admit defeat early on.

The two did the squats for two to three hours to prove who is stronger. Eventually, both gave in. However, their aim of out-squatting each other backfired when they woke up the next day with aching legs and brown urine.

According to Xiao:

This is too embarrassing to say. I was chatting with [my friend] in Guandong over the Internet. We both did not want to lose and so we kept trying to beat each other. Something was wrong in the morning. First of all, my leg was not only sore, but I couldn’t bend it. Then I went to the bathroom and [my] urine was brown.

When she was brought to the hospital, she was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.

According to

Rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome due to direct or indirect muscle injury. It results from the death of muscle fibers and the release of their contents into the bloodstream. This can lead to serious complications such as renal (kidney) failure. This means the kidneys cannot remove waste and concentrated urine.

If left untreated, rhabdomyolysis can be fatal. It was good that Xiao was able to seek immediate treatment. When she was brought to the hospital, she was immediately hooked to an IV drip for recovery.

While in the hospital, Xiao learned that her friend experienced the same thing.

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