Twitter has officially crowned Rose queen after completely tearing Ed apart on 90 Day Fiance

If you’ve been closely following the saga that is Ed and Rose’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance, chances are you saw their most recent conversation and absolutely lost it as Rose tore Ed, his lies, and his disrespect up completely.

Don’t worry–if you haven’t yet, it’s over here:

She starts by saying that he withheld the truth from her then pointed out how he made her take an STD test and gave her mouthwash because “her breath wasn’t pretty” and generally just holding him accountable for the lies and the disrespect. And the way she says “I’m done.” A queen!!

Here are some other Twitter reactions to the entire read.

We’re proud of you, queen. You stand your ground and speak your truth and don’t take any more disrespect from this dude!

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