Twitter Freaks Out After Shakira Updates Account

Twitter is freaking out as we speak after Shakira updated her account ahead of the release of her new music.

shakira performs onstage during the pepsi super bowl jeff kravitz getty

The reason why netizens around the world are talking about the “Hips Don’t Lie” hitmaker isn’t solely because of her upcoming song, however. It seems that her new social media layout sparked discussion about her sexuality precisely because of how the color gradient on her display photos resembles the lesbian pride flag.

shakira instagram layout

Though a lot of fans were eagerly theorizing that this meant the singer was going to “come out” soon, a lot were skeptical about it and assumed that Shakira’s creative team had just mistakenly chosen the exact color palette of the pride flag for her profile layout. Considering that Shakira had been in a long-term relationship with professional soccer player, Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two children, Milan and Sasha, it’s most likely that the latter was the case.

shakira twitter layout

lesbian flag

As of writing, Shakira has yet to change her layout.

Shakira’s new music is expected to drop this month while her full album will be released next year.

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