Twinning? VP Elect Leni Robredo & Ces Drilon show up in identical outfits!

What would you do if you arrive at a party wearing the same outfit as the guest of honor?

Well, I’d be honored but embarrassed at the same time! That’s how the veteran newscaster Ces Drilon felt the moment she found out that she and VP Elect Leni Robredo wore the same outfit!

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According to her Instagram post, she wanted to leave to spare the possible embarrassment. However, Leni’s friends said she wouldn’t mind. Ces added: “The Vice President took it all in stride.”

Here’s the full caption to the post:

What do you do when you and the guest of honor at the reception for the Queen’s birthday are wearing the same dress? I thought of leaving to spare her the possible embarrassment but then friends around said she would not mind. The Vice President took it all in stride. We had a good laugh about it as I congratulated her on her victory. She said we must have our picture taken too, so here it is.

All I can say is, they both have good taste. The ladies were wearing a K & Company outfit.

How about you, have you experienced the same thing? Share your comments below!