TWG Tea: A sip of the finest teas of the world!

When In Manila and you’re into drinking a good cup of tea, you should definitely try the newly opened luxury tea boutique in the metro, TWG Tea at Greenbelt 5



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 You know that you’ll be served a good cup of tea just by the teacups used!



I only drink one kind of tea and that is Earl Grey! I love its taste and it goes well with my favorite baked goods. Let me just say that when I walked in at the TWG Tea Boutique in Greenbelt, I thought that it was an high-end class of Twinings. And yes, I was wrong! TWG Tea is not at all related with the latter brand. So what is TWG Tea?


TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea in the world, was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for fine teas. TWG stands for The Wellness Group is an institution incorporating an international distribution network of professionals, unique and original retail boutiques and exquisite tea rooms. They launched their first tea salon & boutique at Singapore in 2008 and just last November 7 in Manila.



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The first opulent Tea Salon & Boutique in the Philippines at Greenbelt 5.



Exclusively managed and operated by the Rustan Group of Companies, this launch will mark TWG Tea’s seventh international opening in just two years, after Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and London. “This will be the first luxury tea salon in the Philippines with most impressive variety and creative selection of teas. With the Rustan’s heritage of luxury and quality, it was a natural partnership Rustan Group and TWG Tea are both committed to excellence, only bringing the best to our customers,” says Anthony T. Huang, Executive Vice-President of Stores Specialists, Inc.


My TWG Tea Exprience


When they invited me to go and try out their best tea variants and foods, I didn’t think twice. They prepared four different variants of tea for us: 1837 White Signature, Safari, Pure Ambrosia and Earl Grey Chocolate.



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A cup of 1837 White Signature of TWG Tea.



First tea was the 1837 White Signature. I liked how there’s a hint of cinnamon when you sip it. Ms. Kashmir Ong, Marketing Officer of TWG Tea in the Philippines, gave us pointers on how to enjoy our cup of tea. She asked us to smell the aroma of the tea before taking a sip. The process she said will make you appreciate the flavor of the tea. So, smell we did! The aroma and taste of 1837 White Signature is perfect for their tea-infused and freshly baked pastries like scones, muffins and financiers. It feels like we’re all having tea with the Queen! TWG Tea also makes Tea Jelly, not jams, that goes perfectly with the breads. 




Freshly-baked and tea-infused goodies that goes well with a cup of tea!



The next tea they served were the Safari and Pure Ambrosia which complimented the next round of TWG dishes: Eggs Benedict! The tea salon has two kinds of Eggs Benedict, one is smoked salmon and the other one is turkey ham. The Assistant Operations and Training Manager, Mr. Luis Lorenzo M. Santos, who was trained in Singapore, asked us to try the Pure Ambrosia with the smoked salmon and the turkey ham with Safari. I liked how the teas complimented the food! And just like how Ms. Kashmir said it, “The tea compliments the food, and the food compliments the tea.”




TWG Tea’s Eggs Benedict (Smoked Salmon).



TWG Tea’s Eggs Benedict (Turkey Ham).



 They also let us try their Roast Apricot Cod. It’s a good serving of a roasted cod fillet that has an Apricot Tea infused sauce and a potato puree sprinkled with Matcha Tea. The sauce is just majestic with the cod! We even asked them if they serve the potato puree a la carte




That potato puree is very delicious! If they serve it a la carte, I might frequent the tea salon!



For dessert they changed the line-up of tea, they surprised me with a cup of Earl Grey Chocolate. For the record, TWG Tea has 14 different kinds of Earl Grey. They also served us TWG macarons in eight different flavors and of course they’re also tea-infused.



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Perfect for a cup of tea, TWG macarons!



For the past years, I enjoyed my macarons with a cup of hot coffee. But it tasted really good with a good cup of tea.I love how I can taste the sweet flavors of each macarons:




Napoleon Tea & Caramel | Moroccan Mint Tea| Camelot Tea & Praline | Bain de Roses Tea | Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate | Lemon Bush Tea | 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant |Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut


My overall experience at TWG is beyond perfection! It makes me want to hold a tea ceremony with my friends for the coming holidays. I’m sure that the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at Greenbelt 5 would be a perfect place to dine and get acquainted with your closest friends! Of course enjoying your perfect cup of teas, the TWG Tea specialists can even help you in deciding what tea to drink!



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Your perfect cup of tea is in one of that signature TWG Tea yellow tin cans!



TWG Tea offers more that 450 fine harvests and exclusive tea blends from which you can choose from. These blends are from the 38 tea-producing countries around the world like China, Japan and India. This selection of tea blends goes into a strict taste test with the TWG Tea President himself Mr. Taha Bouqdib. He is very delighted that Filipinos can now enjoy TWG Tea, makers of quality and finest teas.


The elegant space of TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Greenbelt is indeed an oasis of calm in the center of the bustling business district, a sanctuary where tea lovers can enjoy the glamorous atmosphere and romantic furnishing. In keeping with the TWG Tea’s exceptional attention to quality, this haven is the last work in luxurious detail and designs.



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You can also buy the TWG Tea’s signature gold design teapots that is used throughout the tea salon. 


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Enjoy TWG Tea’s at the comfort of your home! They will also teach you how to infuse your perfect cup of tea!



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Take a bite of their good and very affordable macarons that is available in eight flavors!



twgDSC 0062

And before I forget, their products can also make a good Christmas gift for your friends and loved ones!



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Miguel Alomajan; Mr. Luis Minguez, TWG Tea Store ManagerMs. Kashmir Ong, TWG Tea Marketing Officer; myself; Mr. Luis Lorenzo Santos, TWG Tea Assitant Operations and Training Manager; and Rowel Pagcaliwagan.






Level 1, Greenbelt 5 Mall, Makati City

Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays 11:00AM to 9:00PM, Fridays to Saturdays 11:00AM to 10:00PM and Sundays 10:00AM to 9:00PM

Soon to open in Resorts World Manila

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Follow them on Twitter: @TWGTea



Photos from Migotilyo Manila and Nikko Panti.



TWG Tea: A sip of the finest teas of the world!