Twelve teams battle to become IT-BPM’s best dance crew

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Passion – the foundation that brought together a team of individuals who wanted to champion work-life balance in the age of the IT-BPM industry. A passion for dancing, the dance community, and a balanced lifestyle is what led the team at Aux One Events Management to birth Protocol.

Protocol is the team’s flagship project that celebrates the dance community within IT-BPM industry by bringing together professionals who share the same passion for a balanced and active lifestyle and, of course, dance.

The event was first organized in 2014 where nine IT-BPM companies were represented on the stage of Henry Lee Irwin Theatre. The following year, 13 teams came together and lit Tanghalang Pasigueno’s stage on fire. And last year, Protocol had its biggest year yet with 18 teams carrying their companies’ banners and brought the IT-BPM dance community together for an unforgettable night of passionate performances at Tanghalang Pasigueno.

This year, the team at Aux One, in partnership with Creative Athlete, Queen’s Dance Studio and Mauro San Pascual Photography Services, is getting the stage ready at Tanghalang Pasigueno for another round of intense competition.

Watch as 12 IT-BPM dance teams battle it out with powerful choreography, sexy sashays, charismatic facials and fierce moves to be crowned champions of Protocol 2018: The Ultimate IT-BPM Street Dance Championship.

The competing teams are:

TSA Legends Dance Crew

Convergys Legendary Movers Dance Crew

ePerformax Dance Club

Convergys Ala Quad Dance Company

Wells Fargo Dance Company

Teleperformance Dance Crew

Sykes Synergy Dance Crew

Optum Global Solutions ICRIP-UNITE

Startek Warriors

Transcom Crackerjacks

QBE Synq Dance Club

Convergys One Vibe

Join us this October 7, 2018, 6 PM at Tanghalang Pasigueno. For inquiries, you can reach us at

The event is also sponsored by Optum Global Solutions and Convergys.