Turning Dreams into Dance, The Collection Volume II: Reverie

Established in 2004, SQUADRA, the University of Asia and the Pacific’s (UA&P) official dance varsity, advocates excellence in dance and beyond. Aiming for Unitas or unity by sharing one dream and one vision through dance is what Squadra is all about. The team has been in different competitions, such as Dance Supremacy, Ego Supreme Crew Wars, and Crissa Dance Synergy. Additionally, bagging podium finishes in competitions, such as the National Dance Competition (NDC), the Women’s National Collegiate Athletics Association (WNCAA) Streetdance Competition, and the Men’s National Collegiate Athletics Association (MNCAA) Streetdance Competition. 

This year, Squadra takes excellence to a whole other playing field- literally. Squadra presents to you their first-ever online dance concert entitled The Collection Volume II: Reverie or Reverie in short. It is no lie that doing everything through a screen can be challenging, but it is during these adversities that make us realize what we have been truly longing for. The concert will tell a story of life, love, and hope through one’s different dreams and aspirations, and the journey of experiencing these goals materialize into reality. Ano nga ba ang iyong mga pinapangarap? 

The event serves as Squadra’s annual fundraising and thanksgiving concert, as they continue to express their gratitude to the UA&P community and the team’s supporters. This event is on AUGUST 21, 2021, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM through Youtube Live and Facebook Live (via Private Facebook group). Admission to join the concert is an open donation, so donate your desired amount to be admitted to the event! 

Donate for admission here: https://forms.gle/x87sFmC422ieKgpP7 

The pandemic has been no easy feat, and the UA&P community is no exception to that. Many from the said community have been affected by the pandemic’s consequences- from the school’s students, teachers, and of course, the school’s very own service personnel. This is the main reason why the team chooses to allot 30% of the proceeds from the admission/donation sales to assist the team and its beneficiaries namely the UA&P’s Office of Sports Development and UA&P’s service personnel (Housekeeping, Technicians, ICT set up, STP operator, & Security Guards). In the spirit of Unitas, Squadra aims to extend a helping hand to these members of the UA&P community as they continue to aid and serve the university despite the challenges that everyone has been facing. 

Yet, we continue to dream. We continue to set goals for ourselves and aspire to be wherever we want to be. Because these dreams are what make you and me- so we hope to see you in The Collection Vol. II: Reverie. 

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