Turning a New Leaf: Daniel Paringit’s New Single Is a Page Right Out of Your Diary

Written by Timmi Lois Pontillas @timmipontillas

Pahina is all about the painful yet freeing process of acceptance and moving on.

Just like every heartache, the song begins with the slow, and perhaps still hesitant, utterance of the words, “Kakalimutan na ang lahat / hindi na ipagpipilitan pa.” We’ve all been there– when the writings on the wall clearly say that it’s time to leave it behind, but still we try to convince ourselves that something might be worth staying for. When in reality, moving on is, most times, the best thing we can do for ourselves, and that has to start with acceptance, which is what the opening chunk of the song patiently narrates to its listeners.

daniel paringit pahina copy

As we are welcomed into the chorus with the exalting sound of cymbals, Daniel’s light falsetto beckons us to sing the very words that those of us who are in periods of pain, change, and uncertainty probably need to hear and repeat to ourselves to get by.

The song then takes on a lighter, more hopeful tone, with the percussion sounding almost like the beat of our hearts assuring us that this was the right thing to do. Along with the constant reminder to let go and accept the end, this part does not forget to acknowledge the hurts that might still come with living life after a loss. Healing, after all, is not always linear and upwards, and that’s okay.

In its last half, Daniel gives a gift to lovers of long instrumental breaks, allowing us enough time to look back on our own what-ifs but also strive forward to what lies ahead despite any shortcomings or lost opportunities we might have encountered along the way. The final chorus is nothing but a bittersweet ending, perfectly encapsulating how it feels to say goodbye to something once beloved while knowing that something better will eventually find its way to you.

All in all, Pahina is just the song that sounds too familiar to everyone and hits differently depending where you are in life when you listen to it. It is a great reminder that while life can make us feel powerless at times in terms of the cards we are dealt with, what we make of it and how we can get back up from it is still very much in our hands. If you are someone who desperately wants that contentment and peace, then let this song start you off on that journey to a new and happier chapter.

Daniel Paringit’s new single Pahina is out now on Spotify, and all other digital streaming platforms under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). 


Watch the official lyric video on Youtube.

Photos by: Aly Quinones @alyquinones