Turn Your Rooms into Cozier Spaces with Modish Nook PH

We’ve been stuck in quarantine for months now, and finding ways to keep ourselves busy and happy at home has proven to be quite a struggle. One of the best and most productive things you can do during this time is take on home decorating projects. After all, home is where the heart is; and since we’re spending so much time at home, it only makes sense to make sure our homes look great.

Heightening people’s interest to make over their rooms and turn them into cozier spaces for work and play is what made Modish Nook PH come to life. Modish Nook PH provides stylish home pieces sourced both locally and internationally that are specially selected in line with their goal to help create lovely corners and improve people’s moods. “We know that an eye-pleasing look for your room will instantly give you happy energy,” they state.

Photo from Modish Nook PH

Modish Nook PH started as a hesitant one-man team. However, with the support of friends, the founder became more confident in continuing the business. Now, Modish Nook PH is being run by three women who have been friends since college and hope to source more locally made products to support artists from all over the Philippines.

Despite the struggles that come with the pandemic, Modish Nook PH believes that online businesses will get on well as long as they remain focused on their goals, and remain both patient and creative.

Photo from Modish Nook PH

Modish Nook PH focuses on product lines that will give an instant vibe to lonely or empty corners. They believe that rugs should never be boring and should bring good aesthetics to a space. Their rugs are hand tufted and of good quality. Plus, they won’t burn a hole in your wallet!

Photo from Modish Nook PH

Modish Nook PH also offers throw blankets in cute designs that you can place on your bed or on your sofa, and can also be used as floor carpets. They also sell accent pieces like vases, creative trays, and dainty mirrors.

If you plan on starting a DIY project to prettify your homes, make sure to check out Modify Nook PH today!

Modish Nook PH


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