Tudum: The Meaning Behind Netflix’s Famous Sound

You all know that sound – that TUDUM when you start watching a Netflix title. It gets you excited for a new movie, a new series, or a new episode; and it has become absolutely iconic. In fact, the Tudum sound has been heard in APAC more than nine billion times in the past year! It has also become a TikTok challenge… but do you know how it all began?

Netflix Logo

Tudum: The Meaning Behind Netflix’s Famous Sound

The Tudum sound and the accompanying Netflix logo was first introduced in 2015 after a whole year of trials and tests. Steve Johnson, VP of Design explains, “Entertainment studios are defined by the brands and logos that precede their content, from Universal Pictures’ globe to the static of HBO. We knew we wanted to create something special for Netflix, and spent a year developing a sound that would tell audiences around the world that they were about to watch an amazing story unfold in their home. We needed something that would work before any genre and translate in any country, due to the massive global variety of our content.”

Netflix wanted the sound to be emotional – something that speaks to the world of filmmaking instead of streaming. “The sound had to communicate a lot in a very short amount of time. Someone who is binging their new favorite show on Netflix doesn’t want to be interrupted each episode by a long brand logo. We wanted something that would build tension and resolve itself, like the best stories on our service, but in only a few seconds. We spoke to sound designers and composers around the world in our search for the perfect Netflix sound,” Steve adds. Netflix partnered with Oscar-winning sound designer Lon Bender and eventually came up with the famous Tudum.

Fun Facts About the Tudum Sound on Netflix

Did you know that the Tudum sound was almost a bleating goat? Steve shares, “We discussed countless options, including effects like opening doors and music boxes, unusual instruments, and sounds from old-fashioned filmmaking. At one point we seriously considered whether a goat could be our version of MGM’s lion, but ultimately it didn’t make the cut for our final round. We played five options for thousands of people, but only one sound evoked the world of drama and film — the Tudum.”

The Final Tudum Sound

The final Tudum sound comprises several sounds, including:

  • Rings hitting the side of a cabint
  • Slowed anvil sounds and two muted hits
  • A guitar

Tudum: Netflix Global Fan Event 2022 (Philippine Time)

Now, Tudum isn’t just an iconic sound but also the name of Netflix’s global fan event. This year, Tudum returns on Saturday, September 24, with 5 global events in 24 hours:

  • 10AM, September 24: Tudum kicks off with an exciting show out of Korea.
  • 1:30PM, September 24: Get a fun look at what’s ahead from India.
  • 1AM, September 25: Tudum kicks off as a two-part show with Part 1 out of the United States and Europe, and Part 2 out of Latin America, including surprises from other countries. 
  • 12PM, September 25: Stars from Japan will close out Tudum with a celebration of our Japanese entertainment.

Tune in for an exciting day of exclusive news, never-before-seen footage, trailers, and first looks, as well as interviews with Netflix’s biggest stars and creators. The free virtual event ​celebrates Netflix fandom and features over 120 Netflix series, films, specials,​ ​games​,​ and over 200 Netflix talents!

Watch the trailer for Tudum 2022 here:


Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event will be available across Netflix YouTube channels around the globe in 29 different languages.

Mark your calendars now for September 24! 

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