Try These Cocktails in a Bottle on Your Next Night In

Miss going out? If you’re one of those people who prefer cocktails over beer, but don’t really know how to mix your own at home; we’ve found 9 online stores that will help you enjoy your e-numan sessions all the more by delivering delicious cocktails to your home. Check them out:

La Sangria Manila (@lasangriamanila)

Photo from La Sangria Manila

La Sangria Manila offers imported items from Spain, including sangria, jamon, and queso. Their business started in the middle of the pandemic, and is rooted in Anne’s personal love and obsession for everything Spanish. “Spain is one of my favorite countries in the world,” she explains. “I’ve been missing it so much and I wanted to share bits of it with everyone.”

Their sangria is ready to drink – easy peasy; just add fruits and enjoy! Not only is it easy to prepare; it tastes really good, too! La Sangria Manila decided to focus on sangria since it is Anne’s personal favorite and go-to drink. Right now, they are offering La Tita Sangria from Hijos de Rivera in Spain; but in the next few months, they will also be offering different brands of sangria, including Lolea.

Mañanita Cocktails (@mananitacocktails)

Photo from Mañanita Cocktails

Mac and Nia from Mañanita Cocktails make bottled cocktails for people who miss having a drink and need to de-stress because they have to stay at home during the pandemic. With the support of their friends and family, they were able to find the right mixes for their drinks, and eventually chose what they believe are people’s favorites.

Right now, they have Mojito, Sangria, and Tequila Sunrise. “We’re proud to have mixed drinks that are refreshing, but still have a kick,” they say. “We wanted to make sure you’ll get that buzz that you’re looking for, even with just one bottle.” You won’t need to prepare anything, either, because their cocktails are ready-to-drink complete with fruits and garnish.

Sangria de Verano (@sangriadeverano.mnl)

Photo from Sangria de Verano

A name which translates to Summer Sangria, Sangria de Verano (SDV) is a small business created by a group of friends who wanted to make fresh homemade sangria accessible to everyone. It started out with a mere idea by wine lovers Sandy and Alyssa.

The Spanish classic cocktail had played a key role in Sandy’s upbringing as freshly brewed sangria was present at every family gathering. On the other hand, Alyssa developed a deeper appreciation and love for sangria during her studies in Spain. Alongside Renz, Cami, and Zach; they decided to find a sweet spot and blend both concepts together to provide fresh and quality sangria just like the ones in Spain, while highlighting the importance of it being a drink meant to be shared with family and friends.

When coming up with their sangria, they wanted to ensure that they would suit everybody’s palate: those who love the strong alcoholic taste of it, and those who appreciate the sweeter version of it. That’s why they have two blends: Tio and Tia. Both blends are always made fresh and marinated overnight to ensure that the fruits are able to infuse their overall flavor into the wine, therefore introducing a rich and strong flavor of sangria. Sangria is a refreshing drink meant to be celebrated with friends and family,” they add. “No matter the circumstance, we can always find something to celebrate and reminisce about.”

205 Cocktail Kits (@205bgc)

Whether you like an old fashioned, negroni, or martini; you can now enjoy it at the comforts of your own home with 205’s Cocktail Kits. Each bottle in the kit is carefully mixed by 205’s world-class bartenders, so you can enjoy the same cocktail quality at home. The kits have an instruction leaflet, as well as a QR Code for a Spotify playlist so you can experience the whole bar experience at home. Their cocktail kits are super convenient and even comes complete with garnishes.

The cocktails they have on offer include Tom Collins, Gimlet, Negroni, Army & Navy, Bramble, Vodka Martini, Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Penicillin, Gold Rush, Daquiri, Dark & Stormy, and the 205 Highball. Read our full review of the 205 Cocktail kits here.

Liquify Cocktails (@liquifycocktails)

Photo from Liquify Cocktails

During the pandemic, a bunch of friends who like to drink got bored and relived the idea of creating spiked drinks. Thanks to the help of a friend with a delivery service, they pushed themselves to buy cocktail mixes and start concocting the best mixes that they can offer. “Imagine this,” they say. “You are out with your friends on a Friday night, having fun, and you take that first sip of alcohol. That’s the feeling Liquify can give you at the comfort of your own home.”

The team admits that their flavors are quite random and not well thought out, but these guys still managed to make the most of what they have. One of their bestselling mixes is Covid-19, their strongest drink with four different kinds of alcohol in it. Besides the awesome flavors of their drinks, they also make it a point to give out personal handwritten letters to their customers to make them feel like a part of the team. You can even ask them to make a special mix and name it after you! How awesome is that? That aside, they have also partnered with That Thing Called Tindahan. For every bottle that you buy, they will donate a part of the sale to people affected by COVID-19.

Mood Cocktails (@moodcocktailsph)

Photo from Mood Cocktails

When the pandemic hit, Jhyll Sy Cantong decided she had to think of something to generate additional income for the family. In May, she had the lightbulb moment to create affordable, fashionable, and ready-to-drink cocktails in a bottle. When she shared her idea with her husband Derrick, he loved the idea. After that, Jhyll contacted Lesley Jane Chan, a marketing manager, and she immediately jumped on board. Since Jhyll and Lesley loved to grab cocktails after work, they deem themselves very knowledgeable in the field. “We make sure that the quality and taste of our cocktails are something we would personally consume,” Jhyll assures.

After working on the concoctions for a month, they worked with a mixologist to help with the initial lineup. They wanted their own twist on their personal favorite cocktails, so they took Sangria, Margarita, Pina Colada, Korean Highball, and Sake Punch, and transformed them into their own versions: Sangrita, Hot Mess, Tropicolada, Seoul Good, and The Rising Sun.

Mood Cocktails only uses all-natural cold processed flavors and quality spirits. They don’t use sugar, either – only natural cold pressed syrups. Every bottle is freshly made upon order and they also ensure that they follow strict sanitary protocols during production.

iDarts (@idartsdash)

Photo from iDarts

As a restaurant/bar business that normally operates at night, i Darts Dash and i Darts Cage were particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. It only makes sense that they have bottled up their favorite cocktails so we can now enjoy their bar quality drinks at home. Lipstick, one of their signature cocktails, is a well-balanced, fruity and refreshing drink perfect for chill drinking at home or an e-numan session with friends.

To best enjoy your i Darts Cocktail To Go, make sure to follow the serving guide cards which have suggestions on whether to drink it with or without ice. They also come with their suggested garnish. All you really need is a glass with ice (or sometimes, no ice). Their Cocktail To Go bottles are best consumed within 45 days (if kept in the fridge), while leftover cocktails should still be good to consume even after 15 days of opening (if kept in the fridge).

Their cocktails aside, i Darts has also launched several dishes that are perfect for a home setting, like their Beef Gyudon Bowl and Kimchi Fried Rice. They also have gift boxes available should you want to send cocktails to your drinking buddies during these trying times.

Tara Cocktails (@taracocktailsdelivery)

Photo from Tara Cocktails

Tara! Cocktails all started with a Zoom call between friends – a businesswoman, an artist, and a med student. What began as an exchange of jokes over an e-numan session turned into a shared passion they wanted to bring to life. The whole concept of Tara! is inspired by Filipino culture. This is what you would often hear before the usual inuman; “Tara inom tayo!” “Tara sagot ko!” “Tara naaa.” For these friends, the word “Tara” encapsulated what Filipino inuman means: the shared experiences, celebrations, endless asaran, out of tune karaoke singers, and spilled pulutan. Chances are, these all started with a simple “Tara!”

Through the brand, they want to bring those experiences closer to home. “We believe that despite everything we find ourselves in these days, it wouldn’t hurt to find a reason, big or small, to celebrate every barkada, every family, every Filipino,” they say. Their five signature mixes were curated based on the kinds of drinks that make them remember the good times, what they know works well with the ‘panlasang Pinoy,’ and of course, which taste great. Crafting their menu didn’t come easy; but with some grit, passion, and countless consultations with their mixologist, they were able to come up with a menu perfect for all of the go-getters and wanderers out there.

Tara! Cocktails also has their own Spotify playlist called “Tara! Hits” composed of classic Filipino songs you’d often hear during karaoke sessions. “We encourage all of our customers to keep this playlist on while drinking our mixes to complete the Tara! Experience,” they say. “We wanted to introduce the Manila Sound musical genre, the forerunner of modern OPM. All these laid-back, loose, and multi-layered songs will put you in the groove in no time!” You may also suggest and recommend songs you want to add to the mix.

Annex House (@annexhousemanila)

Photo from Annex House

Brian James Temporosa is a Filipino-American multidisciplinary creator who recently moved to the Philippines from Brooklyn, New York. His business partner is Liana Navarro, a Manila-based designer/maker of handmade leather goods, fashion accessories, and household items. Together, they own and manage Annex House, a restored, post-war Filipino house celebrating the intersection of art, fashion, music, performance, craftsmanship, culinary arts, and mixology.

All of Annex House’s cocktails are centered around popular local fruits or plants: coconut, mango, calamansi, and pandan. “We started with flavor profiles that we personally love,” Brian shares. “We are also big fans of tiki cocktails, which is clear in our heavy use of rum.”Annex House’s cocktails are proudly 100% Filipino. They only use local spirits, ingredients, and brands because they believe it’s important to champion the Philippines. Their beverages also focus on sustainability and minimizing waste, including the packaging. Their drinks actually make use of upcycled liquor bottles cut into 12oz double rocks glasses, high ball glasses, and shot glasses. They also have a rewards program for their bottled cocktails, as well, where customers can receive shop credit in exchange for returning bottles to them. Most importantly, all of their drinks are tasty and refreshingly fun!

Annex House also has an online shop that allows you to shop for bar stools, glass bottle lamps, drink bonds, gift cards, barware, and bottled cocktails. They design and fabricate everything themselves using upcycled and reclaimed materials.

While profits from their online shop are their main lifeline to float the business through the pandemic, they are also allocating 10% of all of the profits for emergency relief grants to fellow Philippine-based artists and social innovators. Visit and use the code WHENINMANILA to get 20% off of your first order over Php1,000 from their Bottled Cocktails, Barware, and Objects collections.

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