Try Celebrating Your Bachelor Party in the Capital of Beer i.e. Prague


When in Manila, I have always enjoyed partying with my friends. But for a bachelor party, we decided to go to Prague this time.


Prague isn’t as cheap as it used to be, but it’s still well worth a visit – particularly if you like the idea of going somewhere safe and pretty that’s guaranteed to be full of other bachelor parties! Since it became one of the top destinations for a guy’s final weekend of freedom the capital of the Czech Republic has been overrun by groups of boys out for a good time – resulting in an industry well set up for catering to your every need.


Try Celebrating Your Bachelor Party in the Capital of Beer Prague



There are all the usual suspects, activity wise – you can go paintballing; pretend to be in a band for a day; go karting; go quad biking; and shoot clay pigeons. And with a city centre set up for wild nights out there’s no shortage of the amber nectar either! The beer in Prague is notoriously good. It used to be, as I say, notoriously cheap though these days you’ll be paying prices you would expect you find anywhere else that does a bachelor party – i.e. just the same as city beer back home. It’s a whole heck of a lot better than your average city beer, mind – proper European lager, cool and crisp and usually served in exotic looking Euro litre glasses.


The locals drink half litres, so if you want to blend in a bit (and get drunk slower!) that’s the way to go. There’s a lot more to Prague than strip bars and alcohol. The bachelor party that wants to soak up some of the sights will be well rewarded with a winter visit to one of Europe’s most dramatic-looking capitals. The city still retains much of its pre WWII architecture, including a stunning fairytale castle overlooking the centre.


To get to the castle you have to wander over the Charles Bridge, a wonderful Gothic structure strung with statues that look like they’ve just stepped out the scenes of a horror movie. If you’re going to go to Prague for the beer then you can’t leave without doing a tour of the Staropramen brewery. Staropramen is premium beer anywhere else in the world – here it’s what the locals drink lime water, and a trip to its home is well worth the entry fee. You get a long tour with plenty of tasting and tons of bar snacks along the way to help mop up the booze! Check out the John Lennon Wall for a bit of revolutionary youth culture (not to mention all the ace bars and cafes in the vicinity.


The Wall has nothing to do with John Lennon or the Beatles, who never came to Prague – it’s an ongoing statement made by the graffiti artists and youths of the city, who regularly decorate it with message of peace, love and revolution, You gotta love Eastern Europe : ) Wenceslas Square is amazing in the winter, something right out of a festive wonderland. Check out the stalls selling all sorts of terrifying local foods – if you’re man enough you can probably get a jar of pickled deer (it will have hooves in it) to go with your mulled wine. Prague is so much more than just a European capital for party animals – though it is definitely that too. If you want a bit of sightseeing and some awesome culture to go with your bachelor weekend, it can provide.


If, on the other hand, you just want to drink yourself stupid and look at girls with practically no clothes on (or indeed no clothes at all) – well, it can do that too.


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