Trust Me: These are the Comfiest Shoes for Your Travel Needs

I travel for work. A lot. And if there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, it’s figuring out which shoes to bring with me. What usually ends up happening is that I bring a ton of shoes with me and then just end up switching shoes whenever my feet start aching at certain points of my trip.
I remember bringing an expensive pair of sneakers to Japan once just to find myself staying at our AirBnB all day the following day because my feet hurt so badly. I also remember bringing three pairs of sneakers to Singapore once and by the time I got back in Manila, I had blisters in different places all over my feet. Here’s the thing: most sneakers look and seem comfy, but they just don’t cut it in the end.
Haji Lane
When I first heard about Skechers GoWalk, it was during a time when I didn’t really, well, walk. I mean, of course I walked in the sense that I went from one place to another if it was close by; but I never walked as much as I do now. I tend to skip tricycles and elevators now; and when I’m traveling, I find joy in opening up Google Maps and finding my way to places on foot – damn the blisters! – to save on transportation costs. In fact, I walk so much now, I even got myself a FitBit to keep track of my steps.
So, when a friend of mine recommended buying a pair of Skechers GoWalks one afternoon when I was nursing my poor feet, I decided to check them out.
And just like that, my life has changed. Never have I experienced comfort on my feet – WHILE WALKING!!! (It’s a miracle!) – like I have with the Skechers GoWalk. I mean, yes, a lot of shoes are comfy when you first put them on and some of them are even comfy for hours on end if you keep you steps to a minimum.
But for the long haul… the real deal…

the let’s-walk-everywhere-on-our-trip-because-we-can kind of walk, this is by far the most comfortable pair I have tried. I don’t know how else to put it without seeming too over-the-top, but if you care about your footsies and you tend to walk a lot (or want to, but can’t because you haven’t found a comfy pair yet), this is the pair you need to check out, try and buy.

Do you have any summer trips planned out for the summer? Why not walk some more and discover more of the places you visit? 🙂