Truffle Madness: 7 Creative Ways to Enjoy the Most Expensive Food in the World

Words by Carinna Reyes
Photos by Trina Armedilla

Here’s one surprising fact about food you might never see coming: The most expensive ingredient in the world isn’t edible gold or a luxurious type of chocolate—it’s fungus. Yep, you read that right. Depending on the variety, a pound of truffle can cost as much as $6,000 to $10, 000 (Php 530,000), earning it the alias “diamond of the kitchen”. Truffles cost so much because they are extremely hard to farm. They only grow spontaneously around Europe, and only dogs and female swine can track them.

So how can we enjoy them when in Manila? Worry not, as for the whole month of September, Resorts World Manila is celebrating the first-ever Truffle Festival in the Philippines! Here are seven creative truffle dishes we found at the festival that we’re sure foodies and truffle fanatics will surely love.

7. Sizzling Black Truffle Bulalo Steak

An earthy twist to a very homey dish, the truffle adds a new flavor to one of the classic Filipino ulams. It has the tenderness of our favorite bulalo, with the garlicky taste coming from the truffle-infused gravy, topped with potatoes and garlic crisps.

By: LUMU Filipino Kitchen

6. Fettucine Ai Funghi Porcini Salsiccia e Tarturo 

The king of cheeses meets the diamond of the kitchen. Think of hot, melting parmesan mixed with a slice of truffle on your pasta. The flavors dance in your mouth and take your taste buds to food heaven. That’s probably how European royalty eat their lunch since before, and is how you should eat your lunch now.

By: Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria

5. Garlic Crab with Truffled Mushroom Rice

Whoever thought that truffle would go so well with rice? The subtle salty flavor of the crab meat complements the strong flavors of the truffle while, as we know, seafood always goes well with rice. This dish is so palatable, you’ll want to ditch the silverware and really dig in with your hands.

By: Red Crab Alimango House

4. Truffle Mushroom Pizza

As the saying goes, you can never go wrong with pizza. Staying true to what they’re known for, Italianni’s serves a classic Italian dish with truffles and array of other mushrooms. But if you’re not up for a slice, they also serve Italian Truffle Fries, Truffle Mushroom Risotto, and Truffle Chicken and Mushroom.

By: Italianni’s

3. Black and White Truffle Fries

Black and white truffle fries 

If you want your truffle the classic way, you can opt for the Black and White Truffle Fries from UCC, which uses the flavors of black truffle bits as seasoning instead of the usual salt.

By: UCC Coffee

2. Chilean Seabass with Black Truffles, Carrot Risotto, Herb Salsa, and Soy Sauce Cloud

Need I say more? Just hearing those classy ingredients is enough to make me salivate. This seabass with truffle is just the best, and it’s only served at Impression’s Newport Mall location.

By: Impressions

1. Truffle Ramen

I’d have to say, this one tops the chart as this was the most innovative truffle dish I’ve heard of so far. The truffle adds a kick to the broth and the meat of this dish. And honestly, how can you go wrong with ramen?

By: Mr. Kurosawa

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For those of you who want to try making creative truffle dishes of your own, there will be a Truffle Market where you can get your truffle products at the second floor of The Plaza, on September 13-16 and 20-23. What’s more is you can also get a Php100 off with Grab when you go to Newport Mall to celebrate the Truffle Festival. To avail of the discount, simply use the code TRUFFLESATNEWPORT, and you will get Php100 off from any point in Metro Manila to Newport Mall for the whole month of September.

Which among these truffle dishes are you excited to try? 


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