Truck Accident Leaves Road Filled With Bottles Of Beer

A truck carrying cases of beer met a small accident last July 3, Wednesday. It ended with bottles of beer scattered across a road in Blumentritt, Manila. The accident caused a short burst of traffic but was ultimately smoothed out with no long-lasting ramifications.

Photos Courtesy of Mingo Royo Lee

According to, witnesses at the scene stated that the truck’s right wing flew open as it made a right turn at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Blumentritt Road. The cases of beer then inevitably spilled out but luckily no one was hurt or significantly affected by the accident. The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau was able to respond to the incident quickly enough.

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Several reactions on social media pointed out how the broken bottles and spilled beer were such a ‘waste’. It seems that those on the scene had the same sentiment. Photos and videos from Mingo Royo Lee’s Facebook post even shows some bystanders picking through the debris of the accident to claim any undamaged bottles.

Mingo Royo Lee 发布于 2019年7月3日周三

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