Trinitea: Taste Authentic Taiwanese Flavors in Teas and Meals

Trinitea: Taste Authentic Taiwanese Flavors in Teas and Meals 


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A foodie always scouts for the best places to dine: wherever, whenever. A lot of factors are always considered when on such a quest, such as the taste, the serving, the price, the service, and the location. One place that marked off items on my checklist of factors is a tea place in Binondo named Trinitea. Trinitea is a milk tea place where you can find not just delicious and affordable Taiwanese tea drinks, but also big meal servings, making it quite popular amongst its Chinese-resto-inhabited location.


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Only a few months old, Trinitea is perfect place for a good food stop during your Old Manila trips. Found at the famous Escolta Street, enjoy their food and drinks at the comfort of their homey and relaxed place. 

The owner, Wilson Tamayo, is a half-Taiwanese man who grew fond of milk tea during his trips to Taiwan, giving him the idea of starting a milk tea shop. Since milk tea is a drink that most Filipinos enjoy, he saw it as a potential business and was finally convinced to venture into this industry.


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Importing their ingredients from Taiwan, they let us try their ultimate bestsellers in milk teas, shakes and fruit teas.

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The Rock Salt and Cheese Milk Tea is the absolute favorite! It’s rich and creamy, and I totally enjoyed every sip of it with the generous add-on of pearls.

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 The blueberry shake, on the other hand, is also refreshing, especially if you’re looking for something different from your usual shake flavors.

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 The Mango Black Tea has real mango bits as its sinkers. Although fruity, the tea taste is not compromised. Two thumbs up!


Since you have over 30 drinks to choose from, you surely won’t have a hard time picking one you’ll love. For milk teas and freshly brewed teas, you have a choice of having it hot or cold. Plus, their prices range only from P50-90! You can also opt for additional toppings for only P15-20.

However, if you want a fill with a real Taiwanese twist, order their meals that boast of generous portions:


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 The Chicken Chaofan (P75) is flavourful – not too salty and really filling.

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 The Braised Beef Rice (P105) is also good, with a hefty helping of rice. Even without the meat, the sauce is a good ulam on its own.

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The Fried Salt and Pepper Chicken Rice (P75) is my top pick, though I would prefer this as a snack (minus the rice, of course). The spices used in this dish are also unique from other chicken meals out there.


Every week, they also offer Buy 1, take 1 promos on their drinks! What more could you ask for? 🙂


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 Look at their cool interiors!

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 Guests sit comfortably on their plushy chairs.


Troop over to Trinitea and get a taste of delightful milk tea and Taiwanese fare! Whether you choose to dine in or get your orders delivered (free of charge!), Trinitea will cater to your needs.


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The staff of Trinitea





Unit G-1 Burke Building, Burke St. cor. Escolta St., Binondo, Manila

Open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.

(02) 524-9721

(+63) 936-925-0628

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TriniTea/255730054620541



Trinitea: Taste Authentic Taiwanese Flavors in Teas and Meals

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