Tricia Gosingtian Just Released Her Fashion Line and It’s So Dreamy!

As a prominent fashion blogger, everyone always looks forward to what Tricia Gosingtian is wearing. Her #OOTDs have always been dreamy and we have always wondered where she get her dainty pieces. Turns out, Tricia has been wearing her own label for quite a while now;  we just had no idea!

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The photos of the collection are a total mood and really transport us into beautiful dreams.

last girl 06

Tricia’s fashion label is called Hinhin and it has the prettiest florals and dainties vintage pieces you are sure to love.


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There is a dedication on the website, too, and it’s purely poetic:

For the quiet girl whose inner universe is hardly ever silent.

For the girl whose soft-spoken, reserved nature has always been considered strange, alien, different.

For the girl who may have built walls around herself, but whose imagination has no bounds; who dreams in technicolor and in texture, both in consciousness and in slumber.

For the girl who shies away from the noise, and trends, and expectations of the world, and revels in her own idiosyncracies.

In her secret sanctum, she discovers her own beauty. Passion. Whimsy. Wonder. She learns to embrace her unique voice and stops apologizing for her demure sensibilities.

For the girl who is done struggling to keep up, fit in, and be understood, and decides to just be herself. It’s when she owns her quiet that she speaks volumes.

Hinhin is for you.


Hinhin’s first collection is called The Last Girl on Earth. It consists of tops, skirts, and dresses that are perfect for everyday wear or even for special occasions.

last girl 08

Aside from the clothes, Hinhin also has a blog category called The Trove, where beauty tips, personal stories and features are published. Tricia Gosingtian’s Hinhin is now available and you can shop for it through their website!

Photos from Tricia’s Instagram and Hinhin’s website.




Twitter / Instagram: @hinhinworld