Trendsetter’s Bazaar: Travel and Fashion Expo Under 1 Roof


5 tips before going to the launch of the Travel Sale Expo with the Trendsetter’s Bazaar

  1. Grab a Snack beside the Philippine Airlines Ticketing Booth before lining up

You’ll find the PAL booth conveniently located at the end of the hall close to some food exhibitors but other exhibitors such as Air Asia and Trafalgar are located in the front.  So plan your route, scout around and grab something to munch while you’re lining up for your bookings.

 We suggest coming early to the event to avoid long lines and grabbing a bite to eat at the front lobby or at the back of the hall.  Doors open at 11am.

  1. Keep an eye out for celebrity spotting

The Trendsetter’s Bazaars are known to be flocked by celebrities and social media stars. They come to the event to shop but sometimes, they actually put up a booth!  For this leg, you just might be able to spot a few of them such as Gretchen Ho, Camille Pratts, John Pratts & Isabel, or brothers Fourth & Fifth Solomon.

We suggest dropping by their booths in the afternoon since this is usually the time they’re there.  We noticed that they usually drop by on Friday’s to do their shopping since their weekend schedules are usually booked!

  1. Get your bid on at the Auction

Travel packages, hotels and resorts will be putting up their services at low starting prices, up for bidding during afternoon auction event on October 24 & 25 at the lobby.  It’s only P100 to join the auction so long as you have an entrance ticket with you!

We suggest you set a cap on how much you’re willing to pay for the package.  That way you don’t get carried away lifting up your bid paddle!!

  1. Avail of the P1,000 daily giveaway

If you follow their social media handle, @TrendsetterTeam, they’re giving out P1000 worth of goods everyday from now until the event day!  Not just that, but they’re posting discount coupons online from exhibitors and merchants as well as special insider packages and deals on @TravelSaleExpo.

We suggest you check their account during the early afternoons and before going to bed because that’s when we noticed they upload new posts!

  1. Free Entrance

Entrance is P100 at the event, however if the Trendsetter Team stays true to form, we’re sure they’ve got FREE entrance promos going out soon- on air at 99.5 PlayFM, through social media celebrities and their concessionaires

If you want to save a buck, we suggest you standby their account @TrendsetterTeam where they usually announce the mechanics of getting in their events for FREE!

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