Treats by Tinette Offers a Bunch of Different Flavors for Ensaymada and Savory Breads

We’ve written about some of Treats by Tinette’s goodies before, and now we’re back to write about more of their delicious offerings: ensaymada and savory breads in all sorts of flavors!

Tinette Lucero, the owner of Treats by Tinette, loves to cook for her husband because of his food preferences and allergies. The couple used to travel a lot pre-COVID-19, making sure that they experience the cuisine in every country that they visit. “We indulge when it comes to food when we travel because food is part of the visit,” Tinette points out.

Treats by Tinette Pork Floss Ensaymada

Photo from Treats by Tinette

“I get inspiration from all of my experiences and I LOVE  to create my own versions. Cooking and baking are my love language for the family. That is why I love to create all sorts of things.” Tinette has been baking as gifts for her friends, relatives, and colleagues, as well. She also likes to make presents because she wants to give a part of herself to her loved ones.

Treats by Tinette was born a month into lockdown with Tinette baking, her daughter Doctor Jo-Anne setting up their social media presence, her neighbor’s friend introducing her to a photographer to take better pictures of their product, and her friends sharing her posts as they are published.

Treats by Tinette Ube Ensaymada

Photo from Treats by Tinette

Treats by Tinette stems from Tinette’s imagination from the food she has tasted during her travels. “I also like to offer different kinds of treats compared to what others are offering,” Tinette adds. “I like to do what others don’t do. While people all made ube pandesal, for example, I made ube ensaymada. I want to be away from ordinary and to be remembered that way.” This is evident in the wide array of flavors she has available for her ensaymada and savory breads.

Treats by Tinette Bibingka Ensaymada

Photo from Treats by Tinette

Treats by Tinette is filled with a roster of unique treats. They even have bibingka ensaymada!

“I will continue to create my treats this way,” Tinette says proudly. “I also want to keep offering traditional comfort food while using premium ingredients.” Tinette explains that she does things keeping in mind that her own family will eat them. She also makes sure everything is homemade, so she can share the happy feelings from her kitchen to everyone else’s table. This is what keeps her inspired as she bakes.

Treats by Tinette Savory Breads

Photo from Treats by Tinette

Taste the homemade goodness of Treats by Tinettes through the different flavors of their ensaymada and savory breads today!

Treats by Tinette

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TreatsbyTinette

Instagram: @treatsbytinette

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