Treat Yourself To These Trusted Gadgets and Accessories

Looking for a sign to treat yourself this coming payday? This is it. While it’s cool to indulge yourself in a great meal or cute items on payday, you might want to consider investing in a few new gadgets and electronic accessories this time.

Of course, now that we’re in a work-from-home and hybrid work setup, these gadgets and accessories have also become a bit of a need than just a treat for yourself. If you’re ready to shop, we’ve curated a shopping list for you—all you have to do is add these to your cart!

Portable Photo Printer

photo printer

This portable photo printer will help you curate more memories through physical copies of your favorite photos. Who says all those travel photos from years ago only belong on social media? Create albums and photo walls easily with this cool (and adorable) gadget. Buy this portable photo printer here!

Bluetooth Earbuds


Photo from Lazada

If you haven’t changed your earphones in a while and only one side is working now, take this as your sign to get these Bluetooth earbuds. It fits so snugly in the ear, it has a built-in microphone, and has amazing sound quality. Buy these Bluetooth earbuds here!

Power bank with Built-In Cable


Photo from Lazada

This particular power bank will keep the clutter in your bag at a minimum thanks to its built-in cable. Have you ever had a moment when you desperately needed to charge while you’re outside and you neither had a charging cable or a power bank? That won’t ever happen again as long as you keep this power bank with built-in cable in your bag! Buy this power bank here! 

Monitor Lamp

monitor lamp

Photo from Lazada

If you work up to the wee hours of the night, you definitely need this monitor lamp. It’s easy to attach, easy to use, and it comes in warm light to make sure that you don’t strain your eyes. It also looks sleek and stylish, easily and instantly elevating your workspace. Buy this monitor lamp here!

Mini Tracker Tag

tracker tag

Photo from Lazada

This mini tracker tag is a must-have if you’re always losing your stuff. Just stick one to your wallet, phone, keys, or whatever else you always lose. Now, you can easily find them through the alarm, or through your phone. Never lose or forget anything important again! Buy this mini tracker tag here!

Wireless Charger

wireless charger

Want a cleaner workspace at home? It’s time to go wireless with this wireless charger. It allows you to efficiently charge your phone just by placing it on top of this nifty gadget! No more running around searching for cables with this wireless charger. Buy this wireless charger here!

Portable Projector


Photo from Lazada

This mini portable projector can make any surface an instant movie screen. It produces high-definition pictures, it’s easy to set up, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Binge-watching your favorite shots will be even more enjoyable when you’ve got your whole wall as your screen. Buy this portable projector here!

Want to see more gadgets and accessories? Check out Lazada for the coolest finds!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones shown in the pictures.

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