Treat yourself to some homemade goodness with Treats by Tinette

While the modern food scene always boasts of modern twists, fusion dishes, and quirky food combinations, there’s just something comforting about returning to the classics. Especially one that is homemade, or should I say, home… baked.

Treats by Tinette is an example of that. Established by Tinette, the matriarch in her household, Treats by Tinette started right at home. As a senior who spent her days at home to keep safe, Tinette started baking to channel her creativity into something productive. And so, while she bakes, her daughter Dr. Jo-anne Lucer-Sacdalan helps with the social media marketing side of their business— all while juggling her duties as a front-liner in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

Currently, Treats by Tinette offers classic, homemade bread and baked goods like brownies, cookies, and cake loaves. While nothing elaborate, it has a simplistic, charming touch that tastes like home— one infused with a mother’s touch (and love, cheesy as that sounds). Beyond comforting and tasty, Tinette also believes that healthy food can be yummy. Thus, she expanded her product line to offer gluten-free and keto-friendly options as well.

As someone who enjoys homemade cakes and bread, her treats were in fact, a treat! Overall, I liked how each one was balanced— not too sweet, not too rich, and not heavy. And what an indulgent day it was when I sampled her bestsellers. These include:

Butter Cake Trio (PHP 600)

Soft, buttery, and sweet— this densely packed loaf is all these and more. This indulgent sampler features three of Tinette’s butter cakes. These include the classic Butter Cake, Ube Butter Cake, and the Chocolate Butter Cake— each loaf being 6 inches long.

Once you bite into a slice, your tastebuds are greeted with the soothing taste of butter and a touch of sweetness, sometimes mingling with the subtle earthiness of ube or the richness of chocolate, depending on which flavor you choose. In terms of mouthfeel, they were all moist and crumbly.

Much like a pound cake, but more buttery (yes, I can’t stop going on about how buttery these loaves are), they’re best paired with coffee or your favorite tea.

Keto Butter Cake Trio (PHP 1,100)

Tinette’s gluten-free take on her famous butter cake, these loaves are all made with almond flour. This trio sampler is tailor-fit for health and weight-conscious people, as well as those with dietary restrictions. Just like her buttery sampler, each load is 6 inches long and comes in 3 flavors: Butter, Ube Butter, and Chocolate Butter. In this, her belief that healthy can be yummy rings true. And yes, I didn’t even realize they were ketogenic in the first place! Each bite was dense and packed with buttery sweetness. Overall sweet and still crumbly, but not dry at all.

And yes, it’s a treat for those who like their loaves nutty because each one comes with a smattering of sliced almonds— toasted too for that added flavor.


Butter donuts affectionately named Doughnettes, these bites are healthier than your usual run-of-the-mill donuts because they’re fried in healthy coconut oil. Yes, still fried, but at least not in lard. Made with premium ingredients, these pillowy bites come with powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and cheese on the side. That way, you can personalize them however way you like— be it sweet, salty, or a mix of both. It’s like your very own DIY Donut Kit right at home!

Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls have been an essential item in my household, especially for late-night cravings (or basically any craving, really). That’s why we always keep these brioche buns in the house. Whether we slather peanut butter all over it or fill ours with ham, this bread is as versatile as it gets. And I have to say, Tinette’s take on these dinner rolls are just amazing. They’re pillowy and soft— not dense at all like other brands— and you really get that almost soft but flaky center. While the filling is usually the star in any sandwich, Tinette’s bread, for me, deserves the spotlight.

Currently, Tinette offers her bread with a savory filling. These include Corned Beef and Potatoes, Adobo, or Creamy Tuna, and each one is priced at PHP 80.

Dark Chocolate Brownies topped with Walnuts (PHP 800)

What’s a meal without dessert? People with a major sweet tooth such as myself (or just about anyone who loves their chocolate) will enjoy Tinette’s Dark Chocolate Brownies. That’s 8 x 8 inches of fudgy goodness topped with walnuts— a rich treat that combines a crumbly exterior and yields a soft, chocolatey center. While moist and decadent all the same, my favorite part has to be the corner because it gives you the best of both worlds. And don’t worry. Since Tinette uses dark chocolate for hers, it isn’t sickeningly sweet—but rather, a bittersweet mix that all balances out.

How to Order

To enjoy your very own Treats by Tinette, just message them via Facebook, Instagram, or Viber for your orders. Payment can be made through BDO or BPI bank transfer, as well as GCash. Upon confirming your payment, you can book your preferred courier or pick up your orders yourself. Tinette also offers acrylic birthday toppers if you plan on giving the treats as a gift, and all orders will need a 2-day lead time before being ready.

Which of these Treats by Tinette are you eager to sink your teeth into?

Treats by Tinette

Contact Number: 09175656974

Instagram: @treatsbytinette


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