Treat Your Balikbayan Family/Friends To A Holiday Feast At Newport

Got Balikbayan friends and loved ones coming over this Christmas? I’m super sure that they’re craving for their favorite Pinoy/Asian dishes. I know that they may have Pinoy/Asian restos in the country where they came from, but hey, nothing beats good old authentic Pinoy food or even Asian/international food done the Pinoy way. So when in Manila and couldn’t decide on where to take your Balikbayan relatives, here are our 4 Top Picks  that can be found at the Newport Mall, just across NAIA Terminal 3, so you can go straight there and eat after arrival!

4. Café Creole

Im sure your loved ones already miss eating Tapsilog, so upon arrival, head straight to Cafe Creole at New Port Mall and savor tender bites of their signature Beef Tapa Dirty Rice, or for corned beef lovers, I recommend their Homemade Corned Beef Truffle Fries.


Beef Tapa Dirty Rice: Marinated Beef Sirloin with 2 eggs and dirty tapa rice


Homemade Corned Beef Truffle Fries

3. Tao Yuan

I know that Chinese food can be found everywhere in the planet, but like what I said earlier, nothing beats good old authentic Pinoy food or even Asian/international food done the Pinoy way. There’s something about the way we select ingredients and prepare food that makes it more special. Take for example these delectable Chinese/Singaporean dishes at Tao Yuan….


Singapore Boneless Hainanese Chicken


Singapore 5 Kinds Hot Cuts

2. Mr. Kurosawa

For Japanese food with a western twist… visit Mr. Kurosawa and try their Chicken Ebi Japaella or if you wanna try a bit of all their best sellers, I recommend their BOX OFFICE HIT for only P2,070 that can already feed around 4-5 hungry peeps!


Chicken Ebi Japaella


Box Office Hit P2,079 good for 4-5

(meat fried rice, Ebi Tempura, Stuffed Eggplant, Grilled Tuna Belly, Beef Teppan, Chicken Yakitori, Yasai Itame, Dynamite roll)

  1. Parmigiano

    There is no doubt that we Pinoys have embraced Italian food for many decades now, so I’m pretty sure that your Balikbayan folks will appreciate what Parmigiano has to offer. Their Porchetta is very similar to our Lechon Belly, so I’m sure this will be an effective remedy for their Lechon cravings.


Porchetta – Classic Italian Pork Roast Roulade


Make your Italian dining experience more memorable by ordering their Pasta del Parmigiano prepared via Parmigiano Wheel. It’s basically a serving of their creamy pasta with meat, sausages and mushrooms that’s prepared by cooking it for a few minutes on a huge flaming Parmesan wheel.


Pasta del Parmigiano prepared via Parmigiano Wheel

Specialty pasta with ground meat, sausage and mushrooms in cream sauce.



A MUST for every cheese lover!

I hope you enjoy fabulous Christmas food trips with your Balikbayan loved ones this year!

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