Travis Atreo’s “Explore” Will Inspire You To Experience Life To The Fullest With Your Special Someone

Following the release his single “Sweetest Lullaby”, Filipino-American pop-country artist Travis Atreo continues to make his listeners’ heart melt with “Explore”.

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On “Explore”, Travis says “it’s about the adventure that a relationship is always on.” Click here to listen.

“It’s pretty much talking about how the more we explore together, the more we learn about each other, and who we are, our experiences, and share in these moments in life we end up becoming more connected and ultimately experience life to the fullest,” the singer-songwriter explains the concept behind this new track.

His comforting and soulful voice smoothly tells that he’s willing to take you to different places. That he’s willing to wander with you by his side. The overall vibe of “Explore” is uplifting, as Travis sings “I wanna take you take you / to all the places that I’ve been to / show you the world beyond this town / there’s so much more”

Indeed, curiosity leads to more interest and it keeps the fire in your relationship burning. “It’s kind of my invitation to stay curious about the beauty in life and in our relationships,” Travis adds. 

With over half a million monthly listeners, he’s really on a roll right now. In addition, Travis’ previous single “Sweetest Lullaby” was picked up by Spotify’s New Music Friday Country and it made him the first Filipino-American country music artist to be featured there.

“Explore” by Travis Atreo is now out on your favorite digital streaming platforms. You can also subscribe to his official YouTube channel HERE.