Travel Thoughts: Finding Solitude in a Quiet Cebu Island

Our day tour package included a buffet lunch, but I was famished by the time I got back from my hike. I decided to relax by the bar area and tried their refreshing tanglad juice and some chicken fingers and fries.

Cebu adventure brunch

Food was delicious, but what made brunch even more sumptuous was the view.

Cebu adventure view

I had some time to kill before lunch. Yes, I was that hungry. So I went and took a dip in the pool that overlooks the gorgeous sea below.

Cebu adventure pool

Cebu adventure poolCebu adventure pool

The pool isn’t that huge for you to actually swim. It was more like a place to just lounge and relax. You’d have more fun leaning on the edge of the pool while taking in the marvelous view of the ocean.

What’s the next best thing after a hearty meal along the beach? Doing nothing.

Cebu adventure hammock by the beach

Cebu adventure hut

A stroll along the beach that stretched for miles was soothing for my exhausted mind. We all know how stressful work and city living can be which is why this is the perfect respite from all the urban craziness.

Cebu adventure rocky beach

Cebu adventure beach view from top

Cebu adventure pebbles and corals

Cebu adventure view of the beach

Up next on my list: snorkeling!

While I can’t resist the fine, white powdery sand, the crystal clear waters were calling out to me.

Cebu adventure snorkeling

Cebu adventure seaside

What this trip taught me was thisthere’s some sense of fulfillment in stillness. I guess anyone who’s ever needed a break knows that going off somewhere, alone, can do wonders in recharging your soul. And it doesn’t even have to be expensive.

I guess the lesson here is, follow your wanderlust. Some people are hindered by stuff like not having enough budget or having no one to travel with or having no knowledge of where to go and what to do. I used to be like that. These are just excuses. Our country is too big and beautiful to be unexplored. Plus, you owe it to yourself. Go. Travel.