TRAVEL: This Place is the Perfect Quick Escape from Manila


If you’re looking a quick escape from the stress and traffic of Metro Manila, a short drive to Caliraya, Laguna will bring you to Aquascape – a paradise wiht a floating house covered by the lush forests, surrounded by the emerald green lake, and complimented by the cool atmosphere.


Colz Vidal shared with her recent trip here.

She described the place as “surreal”.



There are several cottages available in the resort.


The main cottages were the:

1. Floating Cottage (good for 4 PAX)

5,000 PHP (not bad)

IF 4 kayo magaavail, that will make it 1250 per person!! (SULIT)

No free Kayak

What i love: Disco & laser lights: Fun + Romantic night

2. Floating Suite (good for 6 PAX)

10,000 PHP/ 6 PAX

IF 6 kayo magaavail, that will make it 1667 per person!! (SULIT)

Inclusive of free Kayak (300php/ hour if rented)

twice the size of the floating cottage

What i love: Disco & laser lights: Fun + Romantic night



1. By Private Transportation:

You can search ECO SADDLE on Waze, which will accurately lead you to the right way (3-4 hours drive)

2. By Public Transportation:

From Buendia/ Cubao, ride a bus bound to Sta Cruz Laguna

Drop off Sta Cruz, Laguna :160PHP

From there, ride a jeep to Lumot, Caliraya

Drop off at Mt. Carmel / Eco Saddle: 30PHP

3. Private Van offered by the resort

6000PHP Back and forth

Inclusive of Gas and Driver’s Fee


AMENITIES + ACTIVITIES: 1. Jacuzzi 2. Fish Spa 3. Jetski 4. Kayak 5. ATV 6. Buggy Car AND MANY MORE!!


More photos here.

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