TRAVEL: Siargao’s surfing spot “Jacking Horse” temporarily closed

Locals and visitors would have to temporarily say goodbye to Siargao’s Cloud 9 tower for now.

According to CNN Philippines, orders have been made by Surigao del Norte’s governor Sol Matugas “starting Saturday” (March 31). He tells CNN Philippines that the local government seeks “to check if (surfing) trainers know how to mentor”.

Matugas clarifies however that the rest of the surfing spots will remain open since there is “no need for instructors in these areas”.

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Siargao’s surfing facilities has come to a lot of flak after journalist Karen Davila expressed her recent “traumatic” trip online where her son suffered injuries while trying out surfing in the area.

She clarifies, however, at the end of her post, that she remains “grateful”, wants to “highlight this so action can be taken before anything worse happens” and “hopefully, something good will come out of this for Siargao”.

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