This Travel Agency Continues to Build Its Name in the BPO Travel Sector

WowFare, one of the youngest international travel consolidators here in the Philippines today, is carving its name in the business process outsourcing (BPO) travel sector.

“Our vision here is capitalizing on the talents of the locals. The Philippines have long been seen as a top BPO destination, yet not many companies expand their scope here beyond the customer service or sales teams,” said Eugenia Brasovschi, WowFare Director of Operations. “We believe that the talent pool here will allow us to invest in a broader range of specializations, building towards an autonomous and self-sustainable office.” 

“When looking at our goals here, profit is just the first part. We love what the Filipinos bring to the table. In their care and open communication lies the key to becoming the top choice for domestic and international travelers,” she added. “But we go beyond that. We are investing equal efforts into becoming a model employer as well.” 

According to Brasovschi, WowFare’s teams are built from the ground up by local leaders. The company is a model of success when it comes to talent development opportunities, with numerous promotions and recognitions in its first year alone.

First year in the Philippine market

In just a year, WowFare was already able to establish round the clock operation across 10 teams, covering essential work for the business. The company crossed 200 employees, and has already signed for an office that allows triple growth in numbers. The Philippines branch is leading with strategies for employee welfare, for brand recognition and for talent development. 

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Photo: WowFare

Already in its third expansion, WowFare proudly celebrated its first year here in the Philippines last October 17 in its brand new office in BGC, Taguig. In this recent move, the company’s leadership marked its commitment to long term development, placing the foundations for what the company aims to be a flagship office.

“I would say one of the advantages of WowFare is our fearlessness in experimentation. We are not afraid to be bold, even if that can lead us to start over again. We learn from our mistakes, and look forward to new challenges with high spirits. We know that in fast-moving times, we have to be on our toes to stay relevant and stay on top,” Brasovschi explained. 

Why Philippines

The company sees its move to establish a presence in the Philippines market as a no-brainer. The country has long since acknowledged as one of the top destinations for business development of multinational companies.

According to Brasovschi, the Philippines’ talent pool is rich in people skilled in everything that is Business Development. With the legal framework firmly supporting the expansion of companies, incorporating the massive experience of the Filipinos into its long-term development plan is an opportunity that WowFare cannot miss.

The Director of Operations also shared that there is no denying that Filipinos have the competence, “They know the processes and best practices, all tied in with rapport.”

This is also the reason why the company considers its Philippine location as an equal, separate entity to its main headquarters in Europe, and “not just an accessory or support.” 

Nowhere but up

Today, looking to the future, WowFare envisions an expansion far beyond its current offerings, seeking to move beyond traditional Sales and Customer Service operations by incorporating specialized services that go beyond the classical BPO model. 

The company is also opening up to upholding global corporate social responsibility efforts, with a focus on promoting sustainable tourism and highlighting conscious travel practices.

“We are a young and flexible company that thrives on taking calculated risks, implementing change, and effectively responding to challenges,” Brasovschi highlighted. “We have the capacity to adapt ourselves to the market, and meet the changes and fluctuations from a confident standpoint.”

She added, however, that despite these set goals, taking care of their employees is still the number 1 priority, “Without our people, we can never achieve these goals. So more than anything else, we are dedicated to providing our employees with top-notch benefits, comprehensive programs, and a unique company culture that fosters productivity and sustainability.” 

Reflecting on their journey so far, the team at WowFare is excited about the possibilities ahead, with a steadfast commitment to leveraging its current successes as a springboard for even greater accomplishments in the global travel industry.

WowFare is also in the process of brewing major partnerships with leading local airlines and hotel chains here in the country.