Travel & Adventure: When Festivities meet Beauty “Panaad Sa Negros”

The Experience…

Its quite an experience, honestly it doesn’t really matter who wins the pageant (or really it matters for some). They are all winners. Simply by telling us through their costumes and representations, and by giving us a glimpse of culture and history, that for me is simply priceless. Studying and researching this celebrations and festivities give you a glimpse of lifestyle, history and aspirations of this towns and its people. That this island has gorgeous and affluent culture, hey yah ‘ol!

This is why i think we do travel and have an adventure, not just to have fun and do eating galore but of understanding and discovering culture. What could be more priceless than meeting the people behind those culture? None. Oh yes, did I say I ate lots of street food, ‘indian magoes’, and meet lots of friends. Friends? Now, that is priceless. Join me, in our next journey. Coming to the next festivals, cities and towns near you! When in Manila, travel sometimes, tell stories, meet beauty and gorgeous!


Meet my new friend: Reina / Talisay City


Yes naman. Miss Ilog, Aprilyn Onavia. Doing the Live Twitting near their booth. Very nice of her.



My fave to win the crown, actually. Recelle Nuyad of Sagay City.



Top 5, without The Queen.



Samyah Al-Dossary of Bacolod City Wins…


Go Sherrize, turning over the 1st RU crown.


Quite the moment: Jemaimah, right? Sitting pretty!


Q and A: Q: What’s the most useless invention, for you?
Recelle Answers: “Flavored Water”.’Wow, am really impressed, I really thought she nailed it.


There you go FAN-GIRL: Feel na feel.  Lorivic & Maxine. Wow ha. Wow! Haha



Electric Black-out. and Thunder  slash Rain interrupts the Pageant. It was transferred at top floor when rain pours. Good thing it resumes to normal after the Top 10 Q and A. Thus, back at main stage. Wew. 


 My view at the dressing room while am doing LIVE Twits and Updates. Just Beside the Miss Ilog Make-Up booth. Thanks for accommodating!

P.S. I’ve almost been to festivals on all regions, all over the Philippines. Read my article on #Pasalubong Festival And yes, please INVITE ME to those Celebrations near you… would be glad to go! Pay my tickets and accommodations, am back-packing to the ends of the earth. That’s my plan!

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Travel & Adventure | When Festivities meets Beauty #PanaadSaNegros

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