Train to Baclaran: Please Keep Distance From the Door

We know that rush hours can turn a regular human being into a warrior just to get to work or to school on time. Commuters know this very, very well.

I don’t ride the train often but I have my own battles on the road. To those who ride the train especially the LRT to Baclaran, best be careful when near the doors!

Video by Seemon Florano

Somewhere along the video, you’d hear a guy saying, “bilis lang po, nang-iipit po ‘yan.” True enough, a couple of seconds later, the door shut intensely! Whoaaa.

On the very few times I’ve ridden the MRT and LRT, I’ve always positioned myself near the door because my destinations weren’t far. After seeing this video, I think I’d keep my distance.

I’d want my face intact, after all.

Keep safe out in the road, you guys!

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