TRAILER: Chucky is Back to Haunt Us All Over Again

I remember being terrified of this when I was a kid.

The Child’s Play franchise continues, with its seventh film coming out this year. The very first film came out in 1988, and was such a success that it was even adapted into a comic book. The franchise is about a doll, named Chucky, who is possessed with the soul of a notorious serial killer. He had a voodoo ritual done unto himself prior to his death to avoid going to the afterlife. In turn, his soul now haunts and, unfortunately, still kills people through the doll.

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The seventh film, Cult of Chucky, won’t be having a theatrical release, but will come out in DVD and Blu-Ray instead. Here’s the premise of the movie according to their page:

Nica Pierce has spent four years in a mental institution after members of her family were murdered, a crime she did not commit. Her psychiatrist gives her a Good Guy doll as a therapeutic tool. Soon afterwards, a new string of murders take place around the asylum, making Nica suspect that Chucky, the possessed doll behind the crimes she was accused of and whom she has concluded is a figment of her imagination, is behind her predicament. Meanwhile Andy, Chucky’s old nemesis and original child victim, comes to Nica’s aid, while dealing with Tiffany, Chucky’s former wife.

Watch the trailer here:

Cult of Chucky gets its release on October 2017.

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