Trade-in your old coffeemaker at The Coffee Bean Great Exchange



One of the best ways that I could start off a great morning is by having a freshly brewed cup of coffee that I can enjoy with my breakfast. Wouldn’t it be great if you can make the same goodness of coffee bought from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) stores right at home? Now you surely can. CBTL is introducing their very own Single Serve Beverage System that you can own for Php 13, 750. As a special promo, you can trade-in your old coffeemaker to get a 2,000 off the Single Serve Beverage System price. It doesn’t matter if they’re still working or not, just bring it along and get to bring home a brand new coffeemaker the same day. When in Manila and you happen to be at the designated places for their demo/sale exhibits, do try to pass by and check it out. Please check out the poster below for the schedules.


coffee bean tea leaf single serve beverage system trade coffeemaker1


At one of their demos at Rockwell Power Plant mall, I observed personally just how easy it was to make your very own fancy coffee drink. Aside from purchasing the Single Serve Beverage System, it is also advisable to purchase the milk frother so that you can also get to make your very own lattes and cappuccinos. You’ll also get a price discount if bought along with the CBTL Singe Serve Beverage System.




Start off your new home coffee making kit with buying a sampler pack (Php 480) which is comprised of 12 assorted capsules from CBTL. These are an assortment of different coffee and tea flavors that you can try.




You can also buy boxes of 10 of the coffee flavor of your choice. (Php 400)


affordable-coffeemaker-coffeebean-tea-and-leaf009So what did I choose to make at the demo? I wanted my own macchiato of course. First, milk was warmed up in the frother while a continental blend was popped into the machine. Moments later, I was already waiting for the coffee to finish dripping onto the cup.




Frothed milk was then poured onto to the freshly made coffee on the cup.




With the practiced swish and flicks of the CBTL crew, my macchiato was finished. They’ve even added a touch of caramel syrup art on top. FYI, you can also buy this caramel syrup from them.




As you can see, the CBTL Single Serve Beverage System is available in an array of very attractive metallic colors. The red Kaldi is the one that particularly caught my eye.


It surely was very tempting to have my very own CBTL coffee bar at home. Again, do try to stop by at one of their demos. The crew are very polite and friendly. They’ll be more than willing to show you how great the coffeemaker is.




Find out more about this event and more about their products at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf website.