Toys for Boys: 10 Gifts Boys are Sure to Love

Looking for gifts that you can give young boys this Christmas? Whether you need a gift for your anak, inaanak, or pamangkin; we’ve got you covered with the best toy deals you can come across this Christmas and beyond!

10 Gift Ideas Boys are Sure to Love

Hot Wheels 3-in-1 Track Set Asst (Php1,499.75)


These two cool track sets are perfect for boys 6 years old and up, especially if the one you are buying the toy for has brothers or a lot of friends who come over to play. You can start racing as soon as you unbox the toy, even if this is their first track, though it also works well as an addition to other Hot Wheels tracks.

Pro Tip: If you have trouble with the loop, just try redesigning the track or do a quick Google search. People who have purchased the toy have a lot of useful tips on how to make it work properly.

Hot Wheels Versus Play Set (Php2,999.75)


This track set is also perfect for boys who have a lot of playmates. They’ll have a ton of fun customising their own tracks and racing head to head. Plus points if they have a tablet or a smartphone or can at least borrow one.

Pro Tip: Have them set up their gadget on the stand and take slow-motion pictures or videos of their races and crashes. Fun for all!

Hot Wheels Track Builder – Spiral Stack-Up (Php2,899.75)


The Hot Wheels Spiral Stack-Up is a fun twist to Hot Wheels tracks as you will have to set it up in a spiral with cars at each gate. Bos will have a fun time trying to time the release of each car and hoping theirs won’t fall off the tracks.

Pro Tip: Rebuild the track every now and then for a completely new experience every time!

Hot Wheels Track Builder Double Booster Track Set (Php4,499.75)


This track is super fun because it comes with loops that will always keep the boys entertained! Perfect for boys who love an adrenaline rush and love putting their cars through stunts.

Pro Tip: Rebuild the track every now and then for a completely new experience every time!

Minecraft Bow and Arrow (Php2,499.75)


Know a boy who loves Minecraft? Get him this Bow and Arrow for the ultimate role-playing experience. And don’t worry, parents. The arrow doesn’t shoot very far, so you don’t have to stress too much about where it will go.

Pro Tip: Get this for someone who can take good care of their toys to avoid breakage.

Minecraft Sword/Pickaxe (Php2,499.75)


Another cool Minecraft item on the list, this Sword/Pickaxe is also great for role-playing. Plus you get 2 in 1! Since it is made of plastic and high-density foam, you can be sure that kids will be playing with the utmost safety while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Pro Tip: Get this alongside the Bow and Arrow for the ultimate role-playing experience!

BM V SM Armor Batman (Php2,199.75)


Know anyone who loves Batman? He’s sure to love this awesome Armored Batman toy based on the Armored Batman in “Batman vs Superman”. It has 15 different sounds and phrases – and wait, there’s more! He has action wings and lights up, too!

Pro Tip: Get a Superman toy to go along with it for the ultimate role-playing sessions.

BM V SM Heat Vision Superman (Php2,199.75)


Know anyone who loves Superman? He’s sure to love this awesome Heat Vision Superman toy based on “Batman vs Superman”. It has 13 different sounds and phrases – and like Batman, he has action wings and has eyes that light up, too!

Pro Tip: Get the Batman toy to go along with it for the ultimate role-playing sessions.

Disney Pixar Cars (Php449.75)


If you know any boys who love Disney Pixar’s Cars, then take your pick from the different Hot Wheels-like Cars toys available.

Pro Tip: Buy a different one each time and start a whole Cars collection in time for “Cars 3”!

View-Master (Php2,499.75)


An improved version of a favorite vintage toy, boys will love the immersive 3D experience that comes with the View-Master VR. There really is no better way to explain it but to tell you that you need to experience it.

Pro Tip: Get an expansion pack while you’re at it because trust me: they will not get enough of this toy!

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