Top Four Millennial Traits to Watch Out For

With over 35 million Millennials available for the Philippine workforce today, Business Leaders are now searching for ways to better manage this new generation of employees who seem to think and act quite differently from the way older generations did.

The key to managing Millennials, those born between 1980 to 2000, is to understand what makes them tick and to appreciate their unique qualities.  Once you can see past the culture gap, you can then harness this generation’s skills to bring success to your company during the Millennial age.

Here are the top 4 traits to that you can watch out for in your Millennial Employee:

4. TECH-SAVVY.  Having born at the dawn of the digital age, Millennials are the first digital natives.  Almost all have multiple devices and are socially connected in the digital world.  As a leader, you can get quick tips on new applications from your Millennial employee and start using technology to communicate and better manage your people.

3. FEEDBACK-CENTRIC.  Many Millennials grew up with a more progressive style of schooling with more involved teachers or even helicopter parents.  As a result, the Millennial worker thrives on constructive feedback.  They crave it in fact and treasure it.  As a leader,  you can expect a better and more productive work culture if you take time to give feedback.

2. HUGOT-SHARING.  They readily share angst and pain points to people they trust often in a humorous way such as hugot lines.  As a leader, you can connect better if you can discuss and share life-learning stories with your Millennial Employee.  Guide and coach them to a more mature perspective to improve their work or life management skills.

1. LEARNING EXPERIENCE-FOCUSED.  This generation believes and values learning and growth.  They are quick learners.   There are quite a handful who will prefer to stay in your company compared to getting another higher-paying job if your company provides continued learning opportunities with a positive culture.  As leader, sending your Millennial employee to seminars and conferences will go along way but also providing them challenges will make them grow and appreciate you more.

The truth is, Millennials are not too different from older generations.  Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers were young once and held the same ideals minus the access to technology.  But effective leaders need to constantly learn and adapt to changes that naturally evolves in the workplace.


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