Top Apps for The HUAWEI MatePad Pro: The Perfect Tablet for the New Normal!

In my previous article, I shared with you the amazing features of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro.

This week, let me share with you this time the apps that I love using with my MatePad Pro. All downloaded at the HUAWEI AppGallery of course.

For me, my MatePad Pro is the device I use in between work. It’s more like my personal device for personal matters since I enjoy occasional doodling, reading, gaming and writing down random ideas. For the past 2 months, I’ve made it my personal notebook. More like my notebook for my “new normal” since I’ve decided to use less paper to produce less waste and clutter. My MatePad Pro is a device that relaxes me the most since here, I feel it’s like having my own private place.

Here are the top apps that I use with my HUAWEI MatePad Pro:


In this time of crisis, I have to be more mindful of my expenses since I’m the breadwinner in the family.  To be honest, it’s been really tough these past months since most of my clients had to close. Right now, I do my best to be more conscious with my spending so I write them down on this app.  It’s called Personal Finance app to help monitor your income and expenses.

  1. WPS Features

Working from home like me? Use WPS Office to create word documents, sheets and presentations. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro can switch to both tablet and laptop mode, making it the perfect device for digital nomads.

In times when I just want to write but too lazy to open my laptop, I use my MatePad Pro to start writing ideas, captions or articles. It’s really useful because it’s super handy. I can easily bring it anywhere I want without the bulk of carrying a heavy laptop.

  1. English Grammar app

Since most of us now have more free time, perhaps it’s the best time to also refresh our English Grammar skills. Download the English Grammar app to learn lessons and take quizzes.

As you all know, knowing how to speak and write English correctly is vital in getting a good-paying job here in the Philippines so if you know you need to improve in this area, then take advantage of free apps like this.


  1. Time Planner

Need help in organizing your daily schedule? The Time Planner app can help you monitor your activities and serve as a planner for your meetings and events.

Working from home is not easy at all because oftentimes you may feel like you’re working 24/7.

If you’re also struggling with time management, check out this useful app.

  1. MIX

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is such a great device for photo editing because of its huge screen. Download MIX from the AppGallery as it has countless trendy filters to choose from.

Effortlessly transfer files from your HUAWEI Smartphone to your MatePad Pro using HUAWEI Share.

  1. Wattpad

Love reading? Check out Wattpad.

It’s like the Netflix of books! Browse through thousands of titles. I’m sure you’ll never run out of good reads to find.

  1. VIU

For Korean Drama fanatics, download the latest K-Dramas on VIU.

Ok ok, I may not be a fan of K-dramas but I’m including this on the list because it’s so awesome to watch movies with the MatePad Pro with its quad-channel and quad-speaker sound system. Thanks to its Histen 6.0 3D stereo then tuned by Harman Kardon® Audio, you can enjoy rich acoustic details and be overwhelmed by powerful sound waves everywhere. No need to use any earbuds.


  1. GMA News Online

For your daily dose of local current events, use the GMA News Online app.

I know, I know, watching the local news nowadays may be super stressful, but we do need to stay informed and aware of what’s happening especially with COVID-19 related updates.


I must confess, I got a new hobby and it’s called “Add to Cart.” I enjoy online shopping using my MatePad Pro because of its multiscreen feature. I can view 2 screens all at the same time so I can compare items and prices.

Popular shopping apps like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora etc can also be downloaded directly from the AppGallery.

  1. MetroMart

Nowadays, I really avoid joining crowds to protect myself so I do my grocery shopping online instead. It’s really convenient. They do charge for extra fees but I don’t mind since it’s the safety and convenience I’m paying for.

Download the MetroMart app and choose your trusted groceries and shops to purchase online.

  1. Nebo for HUAWEI

My most favorite app in the MatePad Pro is the Nebo for HUAWEI.

With the use of the HUAWEI M-Pencil, I’m able to write as if I’m writing on a REAL notebook.

I’ve been using my laptop for almost 10 years so it feels really nice to practice my handwriting skills again. I find it so convenient to use because after using the M-Pencil, I can instantly convert it into text with just a tap.

  1. Viber

Of course, never end the day without telling your family how much you love them.

They’re just a Viber message away.

This is the app that I primarily use to connect with friends and family so I’m glad it can be downloaded directly on the AppGallery.

  1. Play Rise of Kingdoms or any game you like

Lastly, never forget to play music and games with your HUAWEI MatePad Pro.

It has a 10.8-inch HUAWEI FullView Display with a 90% screen to body ratio, plus quad-channel and Histen 6.0 3D stereo tuned by Harman Kardon® Audio quad-speaker sound system for a truly remarkable visual and audio experience.

And never worry about your battery life as the MatePad Pro has a large battery capacity of 7250mAh that can support users for over 10hours. It also comes with the powerful 40Watt SuperCharge charger and powered with the Kirin 990 Flagship Chipset, that guarantees outstanding performance with lower power consumption.

All these amazing apps can be downloaded at the HUAWEI AppGallery of course!

It is currently the third-biggest app distribution platform globally, with over 180 billion downloads and over 390 Million active users worldwide. Personally, I prefer using the AppGallery because it is more secure to use.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is priced at P32,990 at their Lazada Flagship Store. To be honest, with all its power-packed features, this price is a steal!

Here’s the link: 

You may also check out HUAWEI’s official website and follow their Facebook page for more info.

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