Top 5 Writing Mistakes by Bloggers: Five Tips on How to Write Better Blogs

Top 5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid by Bloggers

by Writer’s Block Philippines

When In Manila, or anywhere in the world, it’s really easy to self-publish nowadays. But before you click on that upload button, remember that you are your own editor so you have to be certain about your content. Here are some tips on how to avoid the top five common blogging mistakes.



1. Failure to disclose


Your blog gets a lot of traffic and now big companies have been offering to pay you to write about  their products. Your followers read your blog because they want an honest-free-from-commercialism review of a product or a service. Passing off an endorsement as authentic when it has been paid for or sponsored is a big no-no. You’re not only lying to yourself but to your readers as well—and they will eventually discover the truth. Remember, honesty is the gauge of a good writer. If it’s sponsored review, disclose it.



2. Using your blog to vent, disparage or vilify a product or service


Don’t use your blog as a public announcement of bad service or a lousy product. There is a proper way of writing an honest review. Review your work. If you would not read such a review in a magazine or newspaper, then don’t put it on your blog. Don’t write about it altogether if you don’t have anything good to say at all. As your mother must have taught you, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.”



3. Incorrect grammar use


There, their or they’re? When do you use which?


Make sure that you know the right words to use. Also, follow the correct subject-verb agreement and sentence construction. Make sure that you compose coherent, cohesive, and clear sentences. Avoid rambling on about your thoughts, or using flowery words that aren’t right for the sentence.



4. Copyright infringement


Do not use photos off the Internet without owner’s knowledge or consent. Avoid using copyrighted images without acknowledgement or credit. As much as possible, use original photos in your blog–it’s a good way to show off your photography skills as well.



5. Simply copy-pasting


Bloggers are a dime a dozen and simply copy-pasting won’t make you stand out. Be original with your content. If you’re planning to include a press release in your blog, make sure to cite it and then incorporate your own words to it.




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Top 5 Writing Mistakes by Bloggers: Five Tips on How to Write Better Blogs



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