Top 5 Things to Look for In a Boxing Gym

When in Manila, you need to look out for your health. What with all the food craze and the never ending search for the next best restaurant, it can get pretty tough just trying to stay healthy and in shape. For a few months now, I’ve been going to Elorde boxing gym to keep me in tip top shape. It’s been tough to get started but now that I’ve been doing it for a few months, I actually look forward to spending my early mornings in the gym. I know there are a couple of independent boxing gyms out there for you to try but my top 5 reasons why I go to Elorde is listed right here. Consider these things when you look for a boxing gym to suit your needs.


1. Location, location, location.

If it takes more than 45 minutes to get to your gym, that just seems too much of an effort. If there isn’t enough parking space, why even bother? If the area isn’t safe, why even risk going there? These are some of the things you might want to consider when looking for a boxing gym or any gym for that matter. You’re here to shed off some pounds and even let off some steam so you might as well spend less time worrying about these other issues. Here’s a map to the new Elorde gym and if you are from BF, Alabang, Las Pinas, or the nearby Cavite area you will find that their location is safe, has ample parking and fairly easy to get to.





2. Proper Gym Equipment

There are not a lot of things you need to get the proper training and exercise you need in a boxing gym so if you see a boxing gym lacking in any of these equipments, then I’d say you might want to go somewhere else where you can get your moneys worth…that’s why I go to Elorde. You go to any Elorde gym spread all across manila and you will find that all their gyms are equipped with the same standard equipment used to train the country’s best boxers.



elorde elorde3 SHY_3906

*check out photo of boxing ring below 


3. Cleanliness and enough space to get a proper workout

You probably think I’m joking right? It is after all, a boxing gym where people sweat…all the time. So how can a place where people sweat (a lot, I might add) be expected to be kept clean? I didn’t really mean squeaky clean. I just mean clean enough not to make me gag just at the sight (and smell!) of it! Because I may love this sport and I may be enjoying boxing a great deal but at the end of the day, the girl in me would not want to work out at a gym that’s too cramped, dark, dingy and shabby. With proper lighting, ventilation, equipment that’s not tearing up at the seams and perhaps a floorboard I’m not afraid to step my bare feet on, this particular Elorde gym meets my cleanliness standards in terms of my workout environment.




4. Exceptional Trainers Passionate about Boxing

Sounds like a mouthful but without passionate people working with you and training you to be the best every time you come in, how can you expect to enjoy and love this sport? The trainers I’ve worked with at Elorde are boxers themselves, they know what it’s like to be inside the ring in a real fight and they can teach you everything they know about the sport. Passionate trainers correct the way you throw your punches, insist on proper form, push you to the limit and encourage you to keep getting better at it and to not let you  give up whenever you feel like it.


20130713_101351 20130704_143007 


5. You Get your Money’s Worth

You want to get fit and healthy, yes, but it shouldn’t cost you and arm and a leg. Here at Elorde, members get a great deal when you join their gym. If you can spend this much money on a pair of quality (yet ridiculously) high heels, i think you could spare a couple of thousands on a good month of workout too. Trust me, the results are worth it! And nothing beats feeling just great about yourself and your body. Check out the prices below and figure out which ones best suit your needs and budget. 





So when in manila and on the lookout for a great boxing gym, make sure you’ve got all 5 on your list too! You won’t regret it! Hope to see you there real soon!


Elorde Boxing Gym

5th Floor Yupangco Building 1606 Trade Street corner Investment Drive,

Madrigal Business Park, Barangay Ayala Alabang,

Muntinlupa City1771 Muntinlupa City

Open from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

0917 825 9003 / 09052956095


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