Top 5 out-of-this world moments during Cosmos: An OPM Festival last February 27

Missing the night when the stars all shone on your screen and Earthlings from all around the country bonded over their astronomical love for OPM? Let us take you on a trip down the Cosmic memory lane and reminisce on the highlights of Cosmos: An OPM Festival!

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#5. When VP Leni Robredo inspired us with her words of wisdom


At the heart of every Cosmos is the effort to uplift the voices of marginalized sectors of society. This year’s #MissionCosmos was to advocate for our very own Filipino farmers, and no less than Vice President Leni Robredo herself was onboard to join the cause! In her pre-recorded speech, VP Leni spoke as a witness to the commitment of For Our Farmers PH, Inc. in providing assistance to the agricultural sector. Because of them and all the supporters of Cosmos’ cause, the VP expressed her conviction that the youth are the hope to attain our country’s “better normal.”


#4. When Jick’s guest performance showcased the transformative power of OPM


With his ingenuity and musical gift, Jick wow-ed the virtual Cosmos stage with his attention-grabbing performance. His sincere and relevant lyrics served as a wake-up call for us all to show our appreciation for our Filipino farmers who are the backbone of our society. Truly, Jick moved us to unite in uplifting our agricultural communities in whatever way we can.




#3. When good music made us feel a little less alone during social distancing


Whether you were watching with family, streaming with your friends, or just enjoying the performances in bed, this year’s virtual Cosmos definitely allowed us to bond with loved ones and strangers alike. Occasionally, artists like Niki Colet and Syd Hartha even interacted with their fans in the comments section. In each segment, a flood of witty remarks, bursts of intense OPM feels, and appreciation for our farmers overflowed throughout the night.


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#2. When we reached each donation milestone together


Thanks to the generosity of those who joined our #MissionCosmos, we quickly surpassed each of the donation milestones and even raised more than PHP 250,000 by the end of Cosmos evening. What made it more fulfilling was that For Our Farmers’ very own scholars watching the livestream were able to witness the support from the viewers firsthand. Indeed, every donation went a long wayand in no small feat, we raised PHP 537,288.30 in total for the benefit of our Filipino farmers.


WIM Moonstar88


#1. When Moonstar88 closed the show with ‘Migraine’ and gave us a burst of nostalgia


A staple act at every Cosmos, Moonstar88 virtually performed ‘Migraine’ in an emotional conclusion to the night. A timeless hit, the song immediately transported us back to fond memories of February nights at the UP Sunken Garden where the roaring crowd would be singing their hearts out. The performance made us sentimental, yet very hopeful for what the future may hold.


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