Our Top 5 Food Picks for Date Nights

Article by Christian Viñas / Graphics by Mari Lorica

As Valentine’s Day approaches, everyone is eager to celebrate the next holi-date! While couples take the spotlight on this day, though, let’s shed a light on the oft-forgotten aspect of the day: the food

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For the untrained eye, everything looks all mushy and sweet, especially when you’re alone on V-Day, but you can still celebrate it while feasting on the following food (all of which are also applicable during regular date nights throughout the year):

Our Top 5 Food Picks for Date Nights


5. Churros

For years, churros have gradually evolved from a Spanish staple bread to a well-loved Filipino snack. You can bring it to your movie date or eat it while strolling down the park; it’s the perfect snack for the perfect moment. Seasoned lightly with sugar and partnered with all kinds of sweet dips, there’s no denying that churros have earned their well-deserved 5th spot on our list.


An easy pick for when you want to share sweet treats while strolling

Fantastic Churros and Where to Find Them: Churros for Cheap in Caloocan, Cafe Churro, Churros ATBP

4. Chocolate

Dark, milk, white and their 4th sibling, Ruby! chocolates are the first to come to mind when Valentine’s Day nears, so one can argue that chocolate should be higher on the list. Don’t get us wrong; we’re chocoholics here, too.

However, over the years, chocolate has become a cliche with its abundance in convenience stores.

Still, here are a few suggestions on how to spice up an already delicious treat: AuroRed Wine Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate Cake with Liquor, anyone?

The Bakeshops Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Chocolate Bar

Over the years, chocolate bars have become a bit of a cliche.

Lover’s (and Loner’s) Delight: Chocolate CheeseOreo Chocolate Bar, Chocolate for the Health-Conscious

3. Ice Cream

Granted, you can enjoy ice cream as  is, but when in Manila, you should also try some of the ice cream parlors we have featured before. Some restos offer surprising twists and questionable yet delicious varieties to the classic dessert. That’s why it has earned the 3rd spot.

Screen Shot 2017 12 04 at 4.28.22 PM

Cold treats to warm hearts

Cream of the Crop: Doughnuts in Ice Cream, Up in the Clouds, and the Dessert Museum

2. Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Well, if you incorporate it with pineapples, you’d get a divisive crowd. Nonetheless, for our top 2, pizza is as fancy as fancy gets.

It’s great for parties, for a midnight snack, and for when you’re going to the movies. Plus, since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, fast food chains can deliver heart-shaped pizzas to your doorstep fast (read: More time for cuddling!).

Big Guys Pizza

In Pizza, We Crust: Sisig Pizza, Blueberry Pizza, Big Guy’s Pizza

..and the winner is…


1. Pasta

Wait, what? Think about it. Pasta is a mainstay dish at every candlelit dinner or stay-at-home date; that’s why it deserves the top spot for us. Accompanied with pizza and easy prep time, your Valentine date can turn into a fancy dinner pretty quickly. And c’mon: nothing shouts ‘I love you’ more than a dish cooked with love and effort. Some of our best features are these bad boys: Balboa’s, Brooklyn’s,  Don Henrico’s, 

Cafe Barbera Pasta

Did we miss anything? What is your favorite food for date night?