Top 20 Cars at Toyo Fest 2015


10. SR5 Corolla Liftback



9. SR5 Corolla Levin


Speaking of iconic, how about these SR5s spotted around the lot during the event? We were lucky enough to see it in three different flavors including a liftback and levin version — check the soft top on that thing. All on lowered suspensions and stretched tires, you’ll somehow get the feeling that old school will almost always rule the block.


8. RT130 Corona


There’s almost nothing more classy than a well looked after automobile. This bone-stock RT130 is a perfect example of all that’s good in the world. White wall tires, straight body panels, period correct plates, and none of those gimmicky plastic car fresheners in a bottle. Just that scented tree your dad used to undress as the weeks went by.


7. AE86 Trueno


What good would this list be if there wasn’t a single Trueno in it? Being one of the earliest cars to clock in — notice the empty field in the background — this AE86 surely deserves a spot on our list… and maybe even in our hearts.


6. KE10 Corolla


Okay, okay. We’re all about appreciating old things, so here goes. Behold the oldest form of Corolla we could find. This KE10 is just killing us with its pastel paint job and bulging small tires.


5. Takumi’s “Hachiroku”


Straight from his tofu delivery run at dawn, Takumi was nice enough to stop by and spend the whole day at Toyo Fest 2015. This replica nails the look from the anime series down to the one-sided “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” writing in Japanese, and the dings, dents, and scratches that come with being a daily driver. Talk about authentic! Just like how Takumi pounded the brains out of his Trueno night in and night out.


4. TA22 Celica



3. TA22 Celica


To be honest, we were a bit torn on which car to put in front of the other on the list. After all, both are spotless and absolutely gorgeous examples of one of the most famous Japanese sports cars that started it all. Let’s just put it this way: if there was an equally stunning lady standing in the way of one shot, what would you do?


2. P30 Publica


1969 was a big year for Toyota since it introduced the last iteration of the Publica in the form of the P30. This car also played a big role in automotive history, for Toyota at least, as it served to be the predecessor of the Starlet.


1. Sports 800


We’re down to the number one spot on our list and we think we couldn’t have picked a better or more deserving car on the parking lot. Feast your eyes on the incredibly rare and special Sports 800. This being Toyota’s first ever production sports car, this model literally paved the way for the future of Toyota’s lineage of sports cars. With only about 10 percent of the little over 3,000 units produced, it also makes this car one of, if not the rarest car in the entire motoring festival. 

There you have it. Twenty of the most interesting cars at Toyo Fest 2015!


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