Top 20 Cars at Toyo Fest 2015

With the hundreds of cars that came out to Toyo Fest 2015, we’ve painstakingly managed to narrow the list down to some of the most interesting cars during the event. So, here goes. Without further a due, here are your top twenty cars of Toyo Fest 2015.


Top 20 Cars at Toyo Fest 2015


20. JDM Inspired Corolla


Starting off the list was this Corolla that immediately caught our attention. For one, the Carib face transplant adds a dash of much needed authenticity to pull off the JDM look, plus the gold rims create a cool contrast to complete an overall neat looking ride.


19. Gundam Themed bB


Although we haven’t met the owner of this bB personally, we think it’s safe to assume he’s pretty much a Gundam nut. With decals on almost every inch of the body, it’s hard to miss this car despite the huge turnout of similar bBs during the day.


18. Slammed Purple Corolla Altis


A purple family sedan? Why not. A purple family sedan on slammed air suspensions maybe and some deep dish rims slapped on for good measure? Get out! This crazy, but absolutely spotless Altis looked good enough to eat.


17. Havoline Corolla Altis


You know how sponsor cars tend to get really loud fairly quickly with their bold graphics and multitude of paint colors? Well, this Havoline Altis is here to prove these things don’t always have to have that in-your-face attitude. As much as the race car look of similar sponsor cars are made to grab as much attention in mind, it’s refreshing to see a simple play on different shades of colors can work out well with the correct execution. It also doesn’t hurt to have bronze TE37s that go on like a good pair of dark denim jeans.


16. GT Starlet Turbo


If you need a picture definition of what a pocket rocket is, you’re looking at it. With a massive intercooler peeking from the gaping hole on the front bumper, it’s safe to say this hatchback enjoys some boost goodness on a regular basis.


15. Single Cab Hilux


Nothing is more utilitarian than a single cab, long bed pickup truck. With room for only two people to do important things, this Hilux is all business with its mirror finish chrome skid plate, spaced out wheels, and a roof mounted lighting system straight from the track and field stands.


14. Desert Vibe Land Cruiser 80


What’s a better summer road trip machine than a sand brown LC80 with a steel basket and white rims? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything better, either. With more than enough room for 5 of your best friends plus luggage, just think of the number of double taps you’ll get on Instagram and the occasional nod from those who see you on the road and get it.


13. Monster Hilux


I know trucks with ridiculous mods are getting more and more common these days, but only few trucks are as decked out as this one. With almost a mile of ground clearance, this Hilux seems ready to take on whatever Mother Nature has in her nasty bag of tricks.


12. Gulf Corolla


No, that’s not the GT40 that raced in Le Mans in the seventies. Although it almost got us, as well, this Corolla competes exclusively in local racing events in the country. It also suggests that similar to the iconic Gulf cars that came before, this race car rarely comes in last.


11. SR5 Corolla




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