Top 10 Ways to know you’re Filipino / from the Philippines

These are the top ten ways to know you are a Filipino / Pinoy or are from the Philippines.

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re a Filipino:

10. You carefully unwrap Christmas presents or Birthday gifts so you can reuse the gift wrappers next time

9. Your luggage is a “Balikbayan” box (huge shipping boxes)

8. You wrap EVERYTHING in plastic: Books, Bed Mattresses, Furniture, Couches / Sofas, Cell Phones, Cars… hell you even wrap your plastic in plastic!

7. You eat duck embryo or Balut

*Balut photo found at

6. You understand Pn0i Txt msgs Ktnxbye

MGNDang gbI P0Wh. Mzt N u? mIsz nA KITa sobRA. wLa NG iBNg bbE na CzeNg gNdA m. D2 aq nDe tK0t Ssbhn q xa U na wLa p0Wh aQ mMHliN NA ibng ba2e. U, mhl U bA Aq? kTnxBye

Tita Grly m 2. wLA aq xa BhY. D2 aq sa PEBA. W8 q u. kSMA Q na tito boy m at SiNa bongbOng, jUnjuN, jinjin, BmBm, noYNOY, lenLen, KrINgkRiNG, NeNe, annNN, JOJO, tiNtin, pEPe….

5. You react whenever you hear… Psssst

4. The letters P and F are the same

“Sir, da froject if pinish. I just need a fish of fafer and dat would be ferpect foh… ktnxbye”

3. Your nickname is a repetition (Bongbong, JunJun, Tintin etc)

3.5. You have an Uncle Boy or Auntie Girly (Or even an Auntie Baby)

2. You point with your lips

Pinoy GPS

1. No matter how famous, rich or successful you are… You just wanna sing some Kareoke

So sing along. You know you want to (See FULL VIDEO for this)

This top 10 ways to spot a Filipino list and the video were shown at the 2009 Philippine Pinoy Expat / OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) held in the PhilAm Life Theatre on December 27, 2009 to honor the hardworking Filipinos from all over the world who have come home to spend time during the Holiday / Christmas season with their families in the Philippines. is a media partner.

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