Top 10 Signs You’re Dating A Filipina Girl

Everywhere in the world, the Filipina is standing out and making her mark. She is ready to rise and take over. From spectacular achievements in the arts and sciences to dominant performances in beauty pageants worldwide, the Filipina can truly do it all, with her exceptional talent, ability and beauty. She is confident, unstoppable and limitless. The Filipina is anything and everything she wants to be. She is Beyond Beautiful. This 2014, we celebrate the Beyond Beautiful Filipina.


Top Ten Signs You’re Dating A Filipina Girl


10. She will eat 10 times more rice than you, but no matter how much extra rice she orders, she will still stay super slim and skinny!

Mushroom Chorizo Rice Lido Restaurant

9. Whenever she points at something, she will use her lips

Filipina duck face pointing WhenInManila

8. She looks when someone goes “PSSSSSST”

pssst filipina dating

7. She knows what the word “malambing” means and she lives by that ideal (I love this one!)

Binondo Proposal Sweetest Chinatown Surprise Marriage Proposal Jella and Ross WhenInManila

6. Although she’s malambing (sweet), she also has a natural born leader’s drive within her.


5. Her cooking is so good, that you’ll never want to eat out at restaurants again. (I LOVE this one too!)


4. She LOVES karaoke and will fight for the karaoke microphone if she needs to

red box karaoke night-16

3. She takes 3 million selfies a day (slight exaggeration)

2. Whenever she travels overseas, her luggage is a huge balikbayan box.


1. She will be the most loving, caring and beautiful person you will meet in your life! Despite knowing how idiotic and mundane you might be, she will continue to love you with all her heart and will always be there when you need her.

Sipat Lawin's LoveNot

You just gotta love dating Filipinas! Cheers to all the beautiful Filipina women out there!

Tag a beautiful Filipina woman you know and tell us which of the numbers above apply to her in the comments section below!


Top 10 Signs You’re Dating A Filipina Girl