Top 10 Responses on the iPhone 6 Launch

Top 10 Responses on the iPhone 6 Launch

Today is a big day for Apple. And so is, for the Apple critics.

Two new iPhone 6 devices were introduced. While the fanboys are extremely enthused about it (some have probably watched its keynote live stream at 1AM Philippine time), Apple’s critics took to Twitter how they feel regarding the coming of this brand0-new touchscreen smartphones.

Here are some of the best reactions posted on Twitter.

10. Some expressed their expectations like this one.

iPhone 6 (1) 

9. Or provided greater detail of what they want.

iPhone 6 (4) 

8.  Some said what they believe to benefit from buying it.

iPhone 6 (5) 

7. Some were just super enthused of its massive arrival.

iPhone 6 (9) 

6. While others were just like, “Chill out, it’s just a phone.”

iPhone 6 (10) 

5. Some predicted what the future holds for the iPhone.

iPhone 6 (8) 

4. Wayyyy into the future.

iPhone 6 (7) 

3. Some made a comparison with the top contender, Android.

iPhone 6 (3) 

2. Comparisons are just a hit so there’s another one making rounds. It says, “iPhone 6 is sooo 2012.”

iPhone 6 (2)

1. But ultimately, most miss the original person who unveils iPhones in the past.

iPhone 6 (6) 

Bonus: “Too soon?”

iPhone 6 (11) 

What do you think of the new iPhones?

Share it in the comments. 

Top 10 Responses on the iPhone 6 Launch

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