Top 10 Great Finds at The Grey Market White Plains

Written by Ching Balina

Vinyl fans are in constant search of places that satisfy their love for the black analog. Lucky for us, Philippine record stores have been opening up left and right, online and offline. But a must-visit shop for the veteran collector and newbie alike is one just a few miles off one of the busiest streets in Manila. The Grey Market in White Plains is a haven for keepers of the needle and LP combo.

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Owner Jay Amante was inspired by his love for music and decided to try his luck by opening his own record store in December 2011. It would be known as The Grey Market. Five years later, Amante now runs three branches: White Plains, Makati, and Greenhills. Of course, it’s pretty much given that the store has a wide collection of vinyl and equipment, but we also found other products that any music fan will want to check out.

10. Miscellaneous memorabilia

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For the lovers of movies, The Grey Market has cool DVDs and paraphernalia that will give you all the nostalgic feels.

9. CDs

The Grey Market 19

In a vinyl store?! That’s right, The Grey Market has an extensive collection of CDs that will make you fall in love with the medium all over again.

8. Posters

The Grey Market 16

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to hang out with John Lennon? Well, you can now. Sort of. The Grey Market has several framed posters from Lennon to Metallica up for your viewing (or purchasing) pleasure.

7. Grado headphones

The Grey Market 09

Grado is a growing headphones brand based in New York. The company is known for its minimalist, 90’s look that goes great beside your turntable. Despite its vintage feel, the sound quality still keeps up with the times.

6. Box sets

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The Grey Market 05

The Grey Market has a healthy collection of box sets from some of your favorite artists. They are, however, understandably expensive. I mean, what price would you put on unreleased music, official posters, and other exclusive merchandise combined in a deluxe box?

5. Record dividers

The Grey Market 17

These little babies are perfect for the neat freak in you. Use them to organize your collection alphabetically, by genre, or however you like.

4. Spare parts

The Grey Market 20

Turntables, especially the needle, are sensitive equipment. If in the unfortunate event your turntable needs repair, there are spares in The Grey Market that might be able to help you.

3. Care kits

The Grey Market 13

The Grey Market 18

Vinyl Styl’s tagline is “Your record collection’s best friend” and they are right. Stylus and vinyl cleaners are must-haves if you want your collection to last.

2. Record cases

The Grey Market 10

There’s a satisfying feeling that comes with seeing your vinyl sitting pretty side-by-side. These metallic cases will not only look good in your room but will also protect them from any potential scratches. If you plan on doing some vinyl sharing with friends, just put the cover on, lock it in, and you’re good to go.

1. Turntable equipment

The Grey Market 14

Amante believes the first thing you need when you start your record collection is a good turntable. It’s no surprise then that The Grey Market boasts turntables of different brands, color, and style. They even have state-of-the-art speakers if you want the full experience.

These are some of our awesome finds at The Grey Market. And because I couldn’t resist, I ended up going home with a new record to add to my own collection. So drop by if you’re a long-time collector, about to start your own, or if you just love music and tell us what you find.

The Grey Market White Plains

7918704 or (0939) 306 4642
Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip, 79 Katipunan ave White Plains, Quezon City 1110
Instagram: @thegreymarketrecords


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