Our Top 10 Favorite Songs from Disney Movies

A lot of Disney movies are currently being turned into live action movies, the most recent one being ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and an upcoming one being ‘The Lion King’. This, of course, has led to us listening to our favorite songs on our Disney playlist more often than usual, which has led to us eventually coming up with our all-time favorite songs from Disney movies.

There was a lot of debate going on about which ones to add (there are so many great ones, after all!), and here is what we came up with.

(Please take note that this list doesn’t include any ‘High School Musical’ songs because, let’s face it: every ‘High School Musical’ song would be TIED AT NUMBER ONE.)

Our Top 10 Favorite Songs from Disney Movies

10. This is What Dreams are Made Of

ADMIT IT! You watched the whole thing and you know every line and dance move!!! :p

9. So This is Love

While there are a lot of Disney songs out there about falling in love, nobody can discount the fact that this classic is one of the most romantic ones. Lincky Lloyd gushes, “I always feel in love whenever I hear it.” That’s a pretty powerful feeling to get just from listening to a single song.

9. A Whole New World

On the note of love songs, ‘A Whole New World’ simply has to be up there. Pinoy pride aside, Kristel Ann Cruz perfectly explains why it should be on this top 10 list: “It perfectly describes what it feels like to be in love.” (Plus, it’s a great karaoke song! :p)

8. Part of Your World

Apparently, ‘Part of Your World’ speaks volumes to some people. Edriel Pascua shares that he got hooked into it during his lowest points in life. On a lighter note, Dale Palisoc shares that it reminds him of how much of the world is still out there for people to explore. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and aiming high to reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

7. I’m Still Here

A completely underrated song, ‘I’m Still Here’ is the perfect angsty teenager song about yearning to belong. Emil Hofilena points out that it starts out kind of defeated and builds into real defiance. “It’s such a high point in ‘Treasure Planet’ that the movie honestly kid of ends for me after that,” he shares. “There’s just no topping it.”

6. Go the Distance

If it’s a lack of self-confidence that you’re struggling with, just play ‘I Can Go the Distance’ and you’ll feel incredibly empowered. TJ Leonardo points out that it isn’t just the song that will make you feel empowered, but the entire arrangement of the song and how perfectly it is made for the lyrics that go with it.

5. Colors of the Wind

Honestly, as a child, I never cared about nature or animals or races… until Pocahontas came along. This song alone teaches so much about the world and does so in such an honest manner, too; it’s impossible not to be touched by it.

4. Reflection

One of my friends insists that ‘Reflection’ speaks to the soul. Everyone has struggles and nobody is perfect. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve disappointed someone, this is the perfect song to listen to and belt out. Mulan feels you.

3. Don’t Say I’m in Love

As Carl Cuevas points out, this song is an unconventional love song in terms of Disney standards. That aside, it also happens to be a song that practically every woman who has ever been heartbroken will be able to relate to.

2. Let It Go

Of course, ‘Let it Go’ – aka the anthem of practically everybody in 2013 – has to be on this list. “It tells you to let go of your past and society’s expectations of you,” says Jerald Uy.

1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You

If you don’t think this is the best Disney song ever out there (‘High School Musical’ songs aside), feel free to fight me!!! Hahaha. This is the only Disney song so far that I always need to sing along to when I hear it. Even when someone merely says, “Let’s get down to business”, I hear this song playing in my head. “Plus, it’s one of those rare Disney songs that is catered to boys,” Carl Cuevas points out.

What about you? What’s your favorite Disney song and why? Share your love for Disney with us! 🙂