Top 10 Boutique Corporate Event Agencies in Asia


Steering away from traditional marketing efforts, more and more companies are delving into the services of specialized corporate event agencies to engage with their target audience. Large-scale event companies deliver great branding platforms. However, when it comes to business development, it’s often more practical to work with a smaller and more tailored team.

Here’s a list of the top 10 corporate event agencies in Asia that can focus on your business development.

Top 10 Boutique Corporate Event Agencies in Asia

The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club

The Ortus Club

Source: The Ortus Club website

The Ortus Club specializes in c-level engagement by inspiring knowledge-sharing discussion, predominantly in the form of roundtables. The company focuses on creating relaxed and pitch-free environments for c-level executives to come together and discuss topical issues. The firm guarantees matched seniority and engagement among their guests. Ortus Club has offices in Singapore, UK, and the Philippines but operates worldwide.

HLD Events


Source: HLD Events website

With China being a major economic player, it’s expected that they required multiple top-tier events. Fortunately, they have HLD events, who can deliver what you ask for, with a grand touch. From planning out simple internal company dinners to conferences, they’ll make sure to execute events based on your company’s preferences.HLD Events has offices in Shanghai and Beijing.


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Source: BaliVIP MICE website

BaliVIP MICE is made up of a team of young professionals that specialize in event management, with a special eye for creativity and uniqueness. The company is dedicated adding that personal touch and paying attention to every detail, making sure that every single aspect of the events is well attended to.BaliVIP MICE is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia.

Entertaining Asia

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Source: Entertaining Asia website

With the high tech infrastructures of Hong Kong and elite taste of Macau, Entertaining Asia has successfully been exceeding expectations when planning, producing, and marketing events. With several years of experience in the industry, Entertaining Asia gives you the best insight for what your company wants. Entertaining Asia is based in Hong Kong.

Pulse Group Asia

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Source: Pulse Group Asia Facebook

Millennials are now taking over a big chunk of the workforce, and Pulse Group Asia is a great example of that. Pulse Asia connects companies with the people that they most want to reach, with the help of events that engage and innovate. They organize events and create partnerships with the aim to have a positive impact. Pulse Group Asia is based in Malaysia.

Peak 1


Source: Peak 1 website

Peak1 stands out from the rest with their experience and expertise in the Japanese market. The company is sure to provide your company with a stress-free experience in selecting the best venue, creating the most fitting atmosphere, and leaving a positive lasting impression on the people that matter. Peak 1 is headquartered in Japan.

BIC Events


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Source: BIC Events website

BIC has had numerous experience in producing stunning events, both locally and internationally, as well as having a reputation for professionalism. With a young, energetic team committed to providing outstanding results and the flexibility to meet and overcome challenges, they have established themselves as one of the outstanding events management company in their country.BIC Events has offices in both Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand.

Indochina Heritage Events

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Source: Indochina Heritage Events website

ICH Events Vietnam prides itself on meeting the needs and tailoring it to the taste of the most discerning client. Its teams work as an extension of the client’s in-house team and is able to be highly flexible in fulfilling what is needed, from planning to execution. Creativity, responsibility, service quality and professionalism are what they stand for, fitting for one of Vietnam’s best.ICH Events has three offices in Vietnam and one in Cambodia.

Chunky Onion Productions

Event Management Company Hong Kong

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Source: Chunky Onion Productions website

Chunky Onion Productions began as a bespoke theatre company that has grown into a professional event management and event production house. They are a fully-integrated event production house that can conceptualize and deliver your event, whether it be a gala dinner or a themed corporate party. Chunky Onion has numerous big-ticket companies under their list of clients, making them out to be one of HK’s top events companies. Chunky Onion Productions is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Event Services, Inc.

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Event Services, Inc. website

Event Services, Inc. has been in the event management industry for over 30 years. The company is committed to providing excellent and dazzling events as they look into every detail based on their clients’ preferences. Event Services, Inc. is headquartered in Japan.