Tom Rodriguez Writes a Sweet Love Poem for Carla Abellana on her Birthday

Tom Rodriguez didn’t hold back in expressing his love for girlfriend Carla Abellana on her birthday last June 12!

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The actor composed a short but sweet poem for Carla, titled “Phoenix Rising,” and shared it on Instagram.

He wrote:

oh how naive was I
believing it defined
that your beauty was all gilding
though brilliantly designed

now my lenses refine
to see you recombine
true beauty is in rebuilding
so rise, my phoenix, rise!

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Tom also penned a message for Carla, thanking her for inspiring him every day.

“I am so proud of your strength and your resilience,” he said. “Thank you for inspiring me daily! I love you more than I’ll ever know to express, though never for lack of trying.”

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They two starred in 2014 GMA TV series “My Destiny” and have been exclusively dating since then. Tom currently stars in ongoing series “Dragon Lady” while Carla’s latest project was “Pamilyang Roces” which aired in 2018.

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