Tom Holland, Chris And Liam Hemsworth All Just Recently Stopped By Bali

Avengers: Endgame may have only come out about a month ago but these Marvel stars are already back at it, promoting their upcoming features. Both Tom Holland (MCU’s Peter Parker) and Chris Hemsworth (MCU’s Thor) were at Bali to do press for their respective movies. Liam Hemsworth was there as support for his brother, Chris.

holland hemsworth in bali

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures

Tom Holland was busy promoting the last of the Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 movies, Spider-Man: Far From Home. He attended Sony Pictures film screenings and workshops to prepare for the July release of Far From Home.

Holland gratefully thanked his fans for the warm reception and talked about his hopes of getting to see Bali:

At least we know he got the enjoy the beach even just for a while during this photoshoot:

tom holland bali 1

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

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Meanwhile, the Hemsworth brothers were in Bali for another Sony Pictures film. Chris, in particular, was there for the press tour of Men in Black: International. This new installation of MIB will be premiering this June already. Fans were able to snap quite a few photos of the brothers, right from the time they landed in Bali:

And up to the numerous photo-ops they had with fans:

Chris’ own Instagram post documents his visit, with TV Patrol’s Gretchen Fullido even making an appearance in one of his photos. Can you spot her?

If you didn’t quite see her photobombing in that photoset, she was also able to some personal selfies with the Hemsworth brothers:

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Did you catch any other notable photos of their Bali trip? Share them with us in the comments!