Tokyo Tonteki Innovates Through the Flavors of Japanese Pork Steak

When in Manila, UP Town Center is rapidly becoming a hub for foodies. With new restaurants popping from its four corners, a welcome addition is Tokyo Tonteki, which brings a different spin on the usual katsu that we see coated with panko and deep fried. Tokyo Tonteki brings to our plates a special kind of pork steak – tasty, meaty, and just yummy.  Tokyo Tonteki is franchised by Vast Asia Dining Corporation–the same group who brought in brands like Chili’s, Super Bowl of ChinaYomenya Goemon, and La Petite Camille.

Tokyo Tonteki (7)

Chef Shusaku Namikawa, Owner and Founder of Tokyo Tonteki

Tonteki means “pork steak” in Japanese. This new franchise hails from the busy district of Shibuya, Japan, and it serves freshly cooked and steaming hot pork steak on top of a sizzling plate.

The ingredients they use are guaranteed fresh and of high-quality. Almost everything is whipped from scratch just to provide customers the best pork steak meal, nonetheless the best pork steak experience.

Tokyo Tonteki (6)

Large Tonteki Set

Specializing in pork steak, Tokyo Tonteki offers the Large Tonteki Set (PhP 450), which is their premium pork steak blanketed with their special sauce. The pork is cooked perfectly, which leaves it juicy and tasty. The sauce it comes with offers the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Tokyo Tonteki (2)

Miso Soup

Their usual meal sets come with pork miso soup, freshly chopped and blanched cabbage, pickles, and rice where all of which come in unlimited servings. They have a special dressing for their cabbage, which is quite common even with other katsu houses.

Tokyo Tonteki (1)


Though their main attraction is their premium pork steak, they also have the Cheese Tonberg Steak Set (PhP 400) for those who want something more succulent and the Chicken Steak Set (PhP 325) for those who want to lay away from the pork. They also have Special Fried Rice (PhP 150) that is really filling and topped with a runny sunny side up egg.

Tokyo Tonteki (4)

Special Fried Rice

Tokyo Tonteki (3)

Special Fried Rice

Tokyo Tonteki is definitely an innovative concept especially with the widespread of katsu restaurants in the metro. Aside from its great food, its comfortable interiors are perfect for group dates catching up with friends and family. Its open kitchen layout is also a sight of wonder where you can watch how your food is made until it served on your table. It provides greater appreciation of all the meals concocted. 

Tokyo Tonteki (8)

Open Kitchen Setup at Tokyo Tonteki

When in Manila, Tokyo Tonteki is a fresh idea brought from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Pearl of the Orient that every foodie should rave about.

Tokyo Tonteki

G/F of UP Town Center Mall,

Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Contact No: (02) 955-2269 

Store hours: 11AM to 10PM



Tokyo Tonteki Innovates Through the Flavors of Japanese Pork Steak


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